Healthcare Government Marketplace Call Center

Call centers are becoming a critical part of any healthcare organization. Most entities are opting to implement call centers to help improve data collection, speed-up response times and introduce an effective workflow. The government healthcare marketplace is no exception when it comes to having efficient call centers. Although the internet and mobile devices have emerged as popular communication channels for offering healthcare customer services, live agent service via the telephone is still one of the most preferred methods for people who require assistance.

In this article we explore the following key ideas:

  • The features of a healthcare gov marketplace call center
  • The importance of having a call center at a government healthcare marketplace.

What is a Healthcare Government Marketplace Call Center?

Government healthcare marketplace is a service that helps people ship and enrolls for affordable health insurance. It provides health plan shopping as well as enrollment services through call centers, websites, and in-person help. People can buy health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, established in 2010, as a way to comply with the requirement that all Americans be enrolled in some form of health insurance. The platform also provides information about the eligibility for help with premium payments and reduced out-of-pocket costs. The marketplace is available online at and you may be asked to select your state or provide your ZIP code.

Benefits of Having a Call Center at a Government Healthcare Marketplace

Healthcare call centers in most organizations face some key challenges such as:

  • Inactive agents
  • Disconnection with customers
  • Failure to integrate with marketing campaigns
  • Inefficient services
  • Not delivering value

Outside a physical visit to a hospital, the healthcare marketplace call center is the main channel that provides a one-on-one personal connection between a healthcare center and a customer. Patients are more likely to feel satisfied when they talk to hospital agents and get their answers instantly.

Busy phone lines are good, but failing to handle them isn’t, which is where a healthcare marketplace call center can be more effective. Whether a company is small, mid-sized, or large, a central center that can handle calls will improve communication and most of all, provide a better patient experience.

Here are four benefits of a call center for a healthcare marketplace.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

When staff can rely on a call center to answer medical matters, such as appointments, schedule changes, and billing question, it helps to free time to focus on in-office patients. Offering a bit of extra time and help to the patient can have a positive impact on the patient experience. Furthermore, if the call center staff discovers an issue, they can direct it to the right person before the patient gets frustrated.

Improved Call Quality

During peak hours at the hospital, staff focus is on the patients who are present at the moment. Unfortunately, during this time, staff may not find time to attend to call-in patients, which may lead to drop-in call quality and errors in data collection. Call centers help to eliminate the delay and ensure that patients are attended to.

Improved Patient Engagement

Call centers in healthcare gov marketplace help to do follow-ups with patients to ensure satisfactory outcomes. Healthcare call centers that provide outbound calling are in a better position to conduct advanced follow-ups such as appointment reminders, post-discharge, pre-appointment admissions, patient navigation, and patient satisfaction. In the end, the customer is happy because their healthcare needs are attended to in one simple phone call.

Reduced Costs

Having your skilled staff answer calls that divert their attention away from their skillset will only reduce their efficiency. Call centers in the healthcare gov marketplace allow management to introduce more suitably qualified individuals to take over these tasks.

Healthcare Call Centers Can Drive Revenue

Healthcare call centers have been a key part of hospitals and health systems for years – and have always served a critical touchpoint for customers and patients. But the government and healthcare leaders should realize that it should do more. With the right tools and technology in place, call centers can be a revenue-driving part for any health center, connecting people, and proactively contributing to patient satisfaction.

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