Effective Communication Between Healthcare Professionals

Like many businesses and organizations today, healthcare is becoming increasingly mobile and collaborative. Ensuring effective communication between healthcare professionals in this mobile environment is essential. With hospital consolidation, doctors and nurses may find themselves traveling as part of their normal work routine. This mobility is revolutionizing healthcare, improving the quality of care while also lessening the burden on healthcare providers. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and unified communications (US) solutions help physicians, nurses and more collaborate, communicate and provide optimal care.

At the same time, health care information is heavily regulated and vulnerable to hackers and others looking for illicit access. With mobile communications and other remote technologies potentially vulnerable, managing healthcare communications requires much more than just switching on a smartphone. Luckily, modern unified communications solutions integrate with cloud contact centers to ensure accurate information, while securing data and automating crucial components of care, such as provider schedule availability and remote patent communication.

Multiple Provider Care Teams Present Challenges and Opportunities

While keeping patients updated and securing their data is essential, a significant benefit of modern communications is how tools and processes can augment the transfer of critical information between providers. Today, a patient is thought of less as a single transaction and more as an ongoing project. Health insurance and wellness programs encourage a holistic, big-picture view of the patient relationship.

Because of this change in perspective, patients often have several healthcare providers on their care team. These providers can be from the same organization or several different offices. Accordingly, modern care coordination is a key component of healthcare administration. Determining the most effective communication between healthcare providers is a big part of providing optimal care. It is essential for all providers on a care team to know the status of a patient’s case and treatment plan.

Unified Communications in Modern Healthcare

When team-based care is optimized through the right tools, doctors, nurses and other caregivers provide comprehensive health services with shared goals. Communicating the plan for these shared goals is necessary for team-based care success. Unified communications solutions, such as Unified Communications as a service (UCaaS) and Call Center as a service (CCaaS) help to keep the flow of accurate information
moving as care progresses. These solutions allow for several efficiencies and process improvements, including:

  • Integrating communications with mobile technologies that providers use for their practices
  • Enabling collaboration, which enhances telemedicine
  • Allowing staff to connect remotely
  • Encouraging remote doctor-patient consultations
  • Strengthening the effectiveness of a team-based approach

Security's Role In Healthcare Unified Communications

These improvements help to create cost-efficient and goal-oriented care, but open communications can also carry risks to patient privacy. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires care providers and other covered entities to safeguard patient records throughout the care process and beyond. Accordingly, providers must balance care efficiency improvements, such as the use of Unified Communications, with compliance and privacy protections.

8x8's business VoIP, Unified Communications and Cloud Contact Center solutions help your organization achieve complete compliance with HIPAA and other regulations. As an approved and compliant business associate under HIPAA, 8x8 provides tailored business associate agreements (BAAs) to document your communications compliance. Not only can 8x8's solutions make healthcare more responsive and informative, but they also help ensure privacy data compliance, making the team approach to care easier to accomplish.

In addition to maintaining compliance, data security protections are vital to the healthcare system. Patients do not demand HIPAA compliance; they want to know that their data is safe. There has been an uptick in cyber attacks on healthcare enterprises. With 8x8's cloud-based VoIP and Unified Communications, you can rest assured that data is secure.

8x8 safeguards the security and compliance of mission-critical communications. Whether your practice is concerned about HIPAA compliance or simply looking to be vigilant in the face of security risks, 8x8 has you covered. Today's providers need to enable effective communication between healthcare professionals and be able to provide flexible communications solutions for their patients. Whether you need to communicate with a patient over a mobile phone or coordinate care with another provider from your home office, you'll find 8x8's complete cloud-based communications solutions to be effective and safe.

When it comes to healthcare, 8x8 provides reliable and compliant cloud solutions at a demanding level rarely seen by other cloud providers. Don't take your chances with a subpar cloud-based telecom system. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out an online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.

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