Protect Government Security Clearance With a UCaaS Solution

If you're a government agency or a government contractor, then being familiar with government security clearance will be a necessary part of your job.

But, obtaining a government security clearance isn't enough. You'll also need to ensure any information or documents you receive are completely secure. 

Learn what government security clearance is, the difficulties you'll face in keeping digital information secure, and how a secure UCaaS provider can help improve document and information security.

What is Government Security Clearance?

Government security clearance is a designation that's granted to individuals in order to gain access to classified information or restricted areas. Security clearance isn't just given to government employees either. People in the private sector can also be designated certain levels of clearance, as long as they pass the in-depth vetting process.

Certain companies can also achieve levels of government clearance, as long as every employee who has access to the information has the proper levels of clearance. This is referred to as Facility Security Clearance (FCL). 

Often, clearance alone isn't enough to gain access to sensitive information. If you're trying to obtain access to information you must also be an individual that needs to know certain information. You won't be granted access to classified information based on rank, or security clearance levels alone.

Another term that's often thrown around in relation to security clearance is "eligibility for access." The two terms are referring to the same thing. 

The Different Levels of Government Security Clearance

Security clearance can be issued by a number of different government agencies including, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Justice. The most common levels of security clearance include:

  • Confidential clearance: This level of clearance will give you access to documents and materials. Any release of this material can cause damage to national security. 
  • Secret clearance: The second tier of clearance will give you access to higher levels of information. Any release of this information will cause significant damage to national security. 
  • Top secret clearance: The highest level of security clearance will give you access to documents, materials and information that can cause massive damage to national security if the information was compromised.

Naturally, the higher the level of clearance, the more difficult it will be to obtain. 

Digital Communication and Information Security

If you're a government contractor who already has a certain level of clearance, or are looking to achieve government security clearance, then keeping information safe and protected should be a high priority.

Today, technology is everywhere. Especially in the modern workplace. In the past, all you had to worry about was physical document security. Those days are long gone with most communication and document storage now taking place in the cloud.

Unfortunately, cyber crimes are increasing at an alarming rate. Not only do you need to protect any information or documents you receive to the highest security standards, but you need to have communication practices in place as well to ensure any classified information can only be accessed by parties with proper clearance. 

Prioritize Security With a UCaaS Solution

If your company relies on internal and external communication tools and software to share information internally and communicate with clients and customers, then you need to ensure this information remains secure.

This can be challenging for companies who have multiple methods of communication, whether that's through email, live chat, instant messaging, phone calls or even text.

A lot of companies and even government agencies are turning to UCaaS solutions to help streamline both their internal and external communications. By utilizing a UCaaS solution you can link all of your communications together while giving yourself a centralized dashboard to monitor communications.

You'll also have ongoing access to all of your communications data, so you can improve your communication methods towards your customers and clients while improving internal productivity.

Modern UCaaS solutions are also incredibly secure. All forms of communication, even video chat and conferencing, have end-to-end encryption. You can also have permission-based document and communication storage access to ensure only qualified parties can access certain information.

With government cybersecurity and online security threats on the rise, you need to take precautionary steps to protect your organization and any sensitive information you have access to. By choosing a qualified UCaaS provider that places an importance on security you can move your organization in the right direction.

Whether you currently have government security clearance or are looking to obtain clearance in the future, you need to do everything in your power to ensure the protection of any information you obtain. By utilizing a secure UCaaS provider you can elevate the quality of communication you're able to provide while securing any clearance-level information or documents you currently have in your possession.

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