5 Benefits of Video Conferencing in Education

Advanced communication tools have the power to improve education while reducing costs, and video conferencing is just one of the many new technologies that can dramatically benefit today’s teachers and students.

Video conferencing in education connects teachers to students, teachers to parents, students to other students and teachers to other teachers. And through connecting, comes learning. Here is how video conferencing can help your school:

1. More convenient parent-teacher conferences

Parent involvement is critical for student success, but the traditional in-person parent-teacher conferences are not working. Too many parents are unable to set aside an entire night to come to their child’s school and meet all their teachers. Whether it’s a busy work schedule, other children at home or one parent in another city, many parents end up never meeting the teachers at all.

With video conferencing, parents and teachers can connect face to face at more convenient times. No matter where each parent lives or how busy their schedule is, they will be able to meet with teachers. This can help get parents more involved and help teachers give their students the best education possible.

2. Non-traditional students can still learn in the classroom

Not all students can make it to a traditional classroom. Older students who are working, rural students or student caregivers all deserve an education, too. With video conferencing, students can attend a “virtual” classroom. It can either be attended live or it can be recorded and viewed later. This feature is especially useful for students who can't always make it to class every day; they can stay on top of their schoolwork and still be part of the class.

3. Connects students with experts

Many teachers have to be generalists in their field of study, so connecting students with subject matter experts can be an engaging way to teach certain material. But field trips or booking speakers can be logistically impossible or too expensive.

With video conferencing, students can learn directly from experts. The video conference capability keeps students engaged and allows for questions and discussions.

4. Helps teachers learn best practices

Teachers need to learn, too. Most states have continuing education requirements that can be met through online courses, but what about teachers who have an interest in a particular area? Many specialized professional development courses require extensive travel and investment for teachers.

If more schools implemented video conferencing, teachers could tune in to these professional development opportunities. They could also connect with other teachers who may have more experience in certain areas. By sharing information via video conferencing, teachers' skills and knowledge will improve.

5. Connects students across the country

As more schools implement video conferencing capabilities, students will be able to use the technology to connect with students in other areas of the country. Students can learn about other lifestyles, other cultures and other people through the power of video calls. They can collaborate on problems and projects or simply build relationships with people who are different from themselves.

The Role of Video Conferencing in Education: Connecting to Learn

Video conferencing has the potential to revolutionize education as we know it. By freeing learning from the physical constraints of the classroom, more people will have access to education than ever before.

Video conferencing is just part of the suite of features that 8x8’s VoiP solution for education has. Upgrading your phone system will do more than just update your desk phone. By replacing aging systems with cloud-based digital communications, your institution can save money on both capital and operating expenses and still offer increased functionality and features to students and instructors. This helps them achieve their ultimate goal: making learning more effective. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out our online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 Product Specialist.

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