Predictive Dialers Increase Collections Productivity, Optimizing Call Center Processes

One of the main challenges debt collection call centers face is concentrating their efforts to make a live connection. Manually dialing debtors or using traditional autodialers requires sifting through numbers which may no longer be valid, while wasting time on unanswered calls and busy signals. At 8x8 Virtual Contact Center, we use predictive dialers to address this issue.  

Featuring state of the art technology and complex call metrics, our award-winning predictive dialer software provides an accurate gauge of the average length of a collection call, as well as the number of calls it will take to reach an actual person. This streamlines the outbound calling process, optimizes agent productivity, and increases your overall success rate. Our hosted predictive dialers offer an intelligent, cost-effective, and easy to use call center solution for small or large businesses and are used by more than 50,000 of our happy customers.

How Predictive Dialing Software Revolutionizes Your Business

According to studies by the Urban Institute, roughly 77 million Americans have accounts in collections. This averages to roughly 35 percent of all adults. Part of the challenge that debt collection agencies face is making live contact with these people, so payment arrangements can be made.

8x8 Virtual Contact Centers predictive dialer software provides an efficient, highly effective solution to this problem. Featuring advanced call metrics, our system uses complex mathematical formulas to maximize your collection efforts by screening out calls which waste your agent’s time. Standard elements of our hosted predictive dialers which can revolutionize your business include:

  • Eliminates the need for manual dialing

  • Controls the pace and flow of outbound collection calls

  • Improves traditional autodial technology by using mathematical formulas to maximize call numbers, answer rates, and agent availability

  • Increases productivity by eliminating unanswered calls, busy signals, answering machines, and call disconnects

  • Provides for effective call retry strategies for increased connection odds

  • Allows for voicemail options so agents can leave personal or automated messages and move on to the next call

Increased Productivity and Higher Success Rates

Convincing consumers and businesses of the importance of satisfying their outstanding debts can prove challenging enough. However, a major part of the problem is not being able to establish a live connection. Additional issues this creates for collections agencies include:

  • Discourages your agents and defeats motivational strategies you employ

  • Angers your clients, who become frustrated over delays in the collection process

  • Dampens productivity, which increases your overhead costs

  • Jeopardizes your reputation by leaving your business with dismal collection rates

At 8x8 Virtual Contact Center, we can help by providing your call center representatives with the tools they need to work more efficiently and effectively. Our predictive dialer software streamlines the process, allowing your agents to concentrate their efforts on actual, live calls. Predictive dialers offer a cost-effective solution, allowing you to spend less money and timewhile achieving better results and increasing your collection satisfaction rates.

In addition to optimizing collections efforts, our predictive dialers can also help prevent violations of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that could leave your company facing heavy fines. Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), collections agencies are prohibited from harassing debtors with excessive, repeat calls or from contacting them during early morning and late night hours. By allowing automatic programming, regularly updating phone lists, and employing intelligent call retry strategies, our hosted predictive dialer can help reduce the chance of violating federal collections rules and regulations.

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