How Hosted Dialer Software Boosts Collections and Efficiency

Hosted dialer software is a plug-and-play call center technology solution built to boost collections by automating outbound dialing, allowing agents to spend more time speaking on the phone with prospects or customers. These affordable and effective solutions can quickly integrate with your existing hardware and software infrastructure.

Below, we’ll examine how they provide your agents with the tools to maximize collections on each call.

What Is a Hosted Dialer? What Are Its Benefits?

A hosted dialer is a predictive or auto-dialing system hosted in the cloud. They replace on-site dialing and are often used by collection agents, sales representatives, customer service professionals, and marketing staff.

According to Aberdeen, since 2013, cloud-based call center technology adoption has been steadily rising. And that's because of the following reasons:

Minimized IT overhead. Cloud-based dialing solutions allow collection agencies to completely outsource their outbound call infrastructure. Meaning, they can choose not to invest in costly but unnecessary on-premise technology, which saves them money both in terms of manpower and maintenance.

Scalability that offers financial flexibility. Since host dialer solutions are in the cloud, they can be scaled and customized to best suit the customer’s needs. For example, some firms make the majority of their collections during specific seasons. A hosted dialer can be scaled up for those peak windows and then scaled down for slower parts of the year. They can be further customized and billed on a per-user basis, allowing even the smallest firms to access world-class cloud infrastructure.

Integration with sales software. Hosted dialer software integrates with sales and other software, making data easily available between different tools. 8x8, for example, integrates with to help agencies better serve their customers.

Powerful analytics. Agents and supervisors can also take advantage of a robust yet intuitive analytical toolkit to identify top performers, prioritize collections lists, and reduce the time spent by agents on each call, boosting your collections and maximizing efficiency.

Agent empowerment. Hosted dialing systems bring together disparate but related tools in one platform through integration, which means agents have every data they need at their fingertips, helping them perform their best jobs every time.

How Does Call Center Software Support Collections?

These solutions help your organization work smarter and more efficiently. You can access all of your customer data through a single interface and automate many of the repetitive tasks that cost you productivity. Your organization also benefits from a more granular evaluation of agent performance that helps you find your real A-players.

Necessary Collections Data in One Place

The collections business is all about contacting as many people as possible, to collect as much as possible. Hosted dialer software supports both of those objectives. The best solutions provide agents with critical data and support while they're on the phone.

As soon as the customer picks up, agents see key data on their screen. The amount of outstanding debt, the type of debt, previous collection rates, and even notes from other agents help them quickly orient themselves. It's like a head-up display device for collections professionals. The more you know going into the call, the better the chance of collecting.

Eliminate Repetitive Tasks

Hosted dialer solutions eliminate tedious, repetitive tasks and help agents focus on making collections. Web dialers quickly convert prospect phone numbers found online into clickable links for easy calling. Predictive dialing tools let agents bypass voicemail and go straight to the prospect.

If necessary, agents can rely on prerecorded voicemail messages and quickly move on to the next prospect or customer. That means more calls per day and more opportunities to earn revenue.

Support Ongoing Training

Hosted dialer software can also be a powerful training tool. Junior staff can load basic call scripts on their screen to help them make their first collections. Supervisors can listen to live calls to evaluate agent performance and identify areas of improvement. Recorded calls can also be used for group or individual training sessions. Sharing cloud-based recordings with other company stakeholders for analysis is also just a matter of a few clicks.

With a hosted dialer, continuous learning and development require no extra manpower.

Why You Need a Hosted Dialer

Many agencies struggle to provide their agents with actionable information to make collections. Many collection agents don't know much information about the lead or customer, manually search for and dial phone numbers, don't have quick access information to tailor their script to the situation at hand, and can't track their progress in real-time. Providing your agents with the data they need and the freedom to not worry about mundane tasks can significantly boost your collections.

Your cloud provider and available features set directly affects your collection business' bottom line. Choose a superior cloud system by filling out our online form today or call us at 1-866-879-8647 to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.

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