Referral Programme Terms & Conditions

8x8 Terms and Conditions


a.”8x8″ means 8x8 UK Limited.

b.”Referrer” means individual or company that provides the information to 8x8 of a potential new 8x8 UK customer.

c.”Referee” means the individual or company referred to 8x8 by the Referrer that becomes an 8x8 UK customer

d.”The Referral Programme” means the programme described on

2.The Referral Programme is valid only for new referrals on new service activations of Virtual Office or Virtual Office Pro for customers that have not subscribed to any 8x8 UK service within the last year. Individuals or companies previously submitted to 8x8 and/or are engaged in conversations with an 8x8 representative, do not qualify. The Referrer cannot be an owner, employee, or agent of the Referee. The Referrer cannot be a 8x8 employee or family member of a 8x8 employee. The Referrer cannot be an owner, employee or agent of an organisation with which 8x8 has a Channel/Dealer agreement. The Referrer cannot resell 8x8 UK services. Misuse of the 8x8 UK Referral Programme may result in the disconnection of 8x8 UK service and forfeit of the offer(s).

3.The Referral Programme is subject to the 8x8 UK Terms and Conditions of service as posted and periodically updated on the 8x8 Solutions website at

4.Nothing in these terms and conditions shall result in the referrer being construed as 8x8 UK Channel/Dealer.

5.8x8 shall determine whether and on what basis it is able to provide a quotation or proposal for services in response to any referral. It will solely be responsible for the arrangement and administration of all services and products sold in accordance with its normal business practices. We reserve the right to refuse to accept a referral at our absolute discretion.

6.All information, which may be made available to 8x8 in connection with any referral, will be subject to the obligations and compliance of the Data protection Act 1998.

7.Any customer that becomes a customer of 8x8 by being referred to the service is a customer of 8x8 for the services procured from 8x8.

8.Payment for business referrals will be made by BACS transfer to a UK bank account provided to 8x8 by the Referrer. Payment will be issued within 90 days of service activation. Payment will not occur until the referred customer has activated the lines of service and has paid their bill for the first two billing periods. The referred customer must be in good standing for 60 days at the time payment is issued.

9.Where the Referrer is VAT registered a valid VAT invoice must be issued to 8x8 before any payment for business referrals can be made.

10.No referral fees will be payable in respect of contract renewals.

11.8x8 makes no express or implied warranties or representations with respect to the agreement of services or products that may be involved at any time with this agreement. 8x8 disclaims warranties (including, without limitation), fitness for a particular purpose, title, merchantability, or any implied warranties arising out of a course of performance or usage. 8x8 makes no representation that the operation of 8x8 UK website or service and products will be uninterrupted or error-free. 8x8 is neither responsible nor liable for punitive or consequential damages. Any products or services of 8x8 are not to be used in medical or circumstances where failure or interruption could cause injury or death.

12.English Law shall govern these Terms & Conditions, and any statutory payments for tax due including VAT from the referral programme are the responsibility of the Referee in full.