X Series helps Servoca to ‘Ditch the work mobile’


Staffing specialist Servoca offers a wide range of recruitment solutions and outsourcing services. It operates through number of trading brands and recruiting agencies within five industries — education, healthcare, homecare, criminal justice and security.

The company has grown rapidly through acquisition within each of its niche sectors and has plans to build on this success with further acquisitions.


Diverse needs and the acquisition trail

A distributed organisation serving a wide variety of industry sectors understands better than most the need for streamlined communications. Servoca’s IT Manager Dean Gilbert and his team of three support an ever-expanding team of over 300 users across 35 offices and five industries.

The needs of teams serving different industry sectors are diverse, with some, like security, operating 24/7 365 days a year, while others operate more typical office hours.

The size of teams also varies, and the business needs to be able to re-direct calls between offices quickly
and easily, for example if smaller offices are unmanned. Given the fast-paced nature of the business, meetings and interviews need to be virtual, rather than face to face.

Servoca needed a communications platform to support all its complex needs.

The Solution

The company identified 8x8 X Series as an ideal solution, meeting key requirements of ease of use, flexibility and the ability for employees, candidates and customers to communicate, on any device, anywhere and anytime.

Risk and stress-free onboarding

Onboarding 8x8 was smooth and stress-free. “When setting up the new phone system, we gave the users X Series desktop and the mobile app for internal calls. The key people all had access to the new system six weeks prior to launch, and we gave staff training over a period of two weeks prior to porting the numbers. It made life so much easier all round,” said Dean Gilbert.

Rolling out the 8x8 system to new acquisitions is now a positive experience, which eases the on-boarding process for all involved. “We can offer the new company staff members hands-on experience prior to going live externally. The feedback has always been that the new phone system is better and easier to use than the systems we’re replacing.”

Ditching the work mobile

The biggest revelation to the business has been the ease and efficiency of installing and using the mobile app.This has effectively rendered the separate work handset redundant, with senior managers no longer requiring a separate business handset. “Within a few weeks of using the mobile app, many MDs realised they could ditch their work phones’ explains Dean Gilbert. “For a business that has multiple Managing Directors across the separate divisions, that delivers tangible savings to the business.

Video Meetings

Servoca has recently started using 8x8 Video Meetings internally. Video Meetings gives the team access to unlimited face to face video meetings, which has been invaluable when there are separate units operating from offices across the UK. There are also plans to use Meetings for candidate interviews, which will streamline the recruitment and placement process which is core to Servoca’s business.

Servoca also plans to adopt 8x8 Meeting Rooms, a Video Meetings add-on that will enable the business to easily schedule, host and join meetings from huddle rooms and other dedicated collaboration spaces.

Flexibility of the mobile app

The platform can be adapted to meet different industry requirements. Security staff, for instance, work in shift patterns. “Since adopting 8x8 X Series, the areas of Servoca’s that are 24/7 work totally from the mobile app — they simply sign into the app and that connects them to the main control room,” says Dean Gilbert.

Call Management

Previously, when offices were unmanned, redirecting calls would involve speaking to the provider to organise, something that Servoca can now do themselves.

The Result

With 8x8 X Series, Servoca has a flexible and customisable telephone communications system that adapts to each of the diverse industries within which it operates. Internally, Video Meetings has led to massive cost and time savings, as well as boosting the core function of interviewing and recruiting candidates for roles.


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