8x8 Virtual Office for Salesforce

Communicate, personalise, and analyse — all within Salesforce.

One Platform for Both Salesforce and Business Communications

Virtual Office for Salesforce enhances your team’s effectiveness by creating one system of engagement within Salesforce. The quick-to-deploy integration provides your team with the ability to make, take, and transfer calls within Salesforce, delivering a frictionless experience in every engagement. The features enable increased responsiveness and less admin with more selling, plus faster ROI for CRM.

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Virtual Office for Salesforce on AppExchange
Improve Communication Workflow and Collaboration

Virtual Office for Salesforce provides a enhanced communication experience to every user, without the need for time consuming set up or maintenance by your IT teams.

As the primary communications application, the Virtual Office Communications Panel for Salesforce enables the user to:

  • Assign call notes to an Account, Contact, Lead, or Opportunity at any time
  • Create follow-ups during or after a call
  • Auto-log calls and record conversations
  • View presence, start a chat or warm transfer
  • Monitor conversations and whisper coaching tips
  • Search Salesforce for records and associated call notes
  • Review “unworked” calls that need logging
Personalise every moment of engagement

The integration of Virtual Office within Salesforce offers you and your team the ability to sync up communications and customer relationship management easily into a single platform. With Virtual Office for Salesforce, you can:

  • Click to dial within Salesforce
  • Receive screen pops of customer details
  • Quickly log calls and notes to Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities
  • Create tasks and log previous calls
  • See presence and chat and make transfers
Unparalleled Analytics

Virtual Office analytics gives you actionable insights into the sales process, improving enterprise decision making. Managers can confidently analyse all call activity and use filters based on the context of the call to get answers to questions such as “How long are customers waiting on hold?” or “Are we staffing to meet demand?” Virtual Office analytics offers these features so that you can view and manage the performance better:

  • Track calls from any device, including mobile
  • Categorise call activity and talk time
  • Enrich Salesforce account and contact data with detailed call reporting data
  • Use visualisations to review call history and pipeline progression

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