Equipment for VoIP Phones

In addition to the 8x8 softphone and mobile app, we offer best-in-class IP phones, conference phones and video phones. 


IP Phones

These sleek and elegant IP phones offer true “plug and play” functionality along with powerful features and flexibility. Choose the VoIP phone that meets your business needs.

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Cordless IP Phones

8x8’s workplace wireless telephony solutions allow on-site mobile employees to roam freely throughout the workplace while delivering continuously reliable and available voice and data communications.

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IP Conference Phones

The IP conference phones deliver unbeatable clarity and performance for any size room – from executive offices to board rooms. These VoIP phones deliver the audio performance and 360 degree microphone pickup required for efficient and productive conference calls.

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Analog Phone/Fax Adapters

Use when connecting a regular analog telephone to your high-speed Internet service to enable 8x8 phone service; contains two switched Ethernet ports and two RJ-11 phone service ports.

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Visit the VoIP phone accessories store for headsets and more.

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8x8 offers a full range of VoIP phones, conference phones, cordless phones and accessories.

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Equip your office and employees with professional IP desk phones, conference phones, headsets and more.

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