Download and Login

To get started, first download the Virtual Office Desktop App. Launch the application and enter your 8x8 login and password. Click Login.

Don’t know your password or username? Click Forgot Password, located below the login button. Instructions will be sent to your email address.
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The app opens in your most recent tab. Use the navigation menu to view messages, make calls, view contacts and join virtual meetings.
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Tip: Resize your interface to see an expanded view of your chats, settings, and more!

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Virtual Office makes it easy to access your voicemail. To get started, you will want to set up your password and voicemail greeting.
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Tip: Never miss a voicemail, select to receive a notification by email from your voicemail settings.

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Call Features

Transfer a Call

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Add a Call

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Park a Call

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Team Messaging

Easily send messages to your colleagues one-on-one, or group message multiple people using Team Messaging Rooms.
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Tip: You can start a meeting with the person you are chatting with directly from your message. Just click on the “Meet Now” icon on the top right.

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8x8 Video Meetings

Join a Meeting

8x8 Meetings make collaborating easier with our video conferencing and content sharing capabilities. Click the Meetings tab to join or create a virtual meeting instantly. More Info >

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In-Meetings Experience


The Meetings menu allows you to mute your microphone, share your video, screen share, chat with participants, share meeting information and more  More Info >

Schedule a Meeting in Google Calendar

Create Virtual Office meetings right from your Google Calendar by installing our plugin.
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Schedule a Meeting in Outlook

Using the Meeting plugin for Microsoft 365, users can create an 8x8 Meeting directly from their Outlook Calendars.
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Need to send a fax? Select Fax icon from the More menu to attach and send documents through the Virtual Office application.
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Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding allows you to send calls to extensions inside and outside your system, or directly to voicemail. This enables you to have complete control over where your calls are going.
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Using an older version of Virtual Office?  Find all the information you need here.

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