What are VoIP Wireless Headsets?

VoIP wireless headsets enable people to easily communicate through VoIP phones. For users who spend a lot of time on the phone, these can be particularly helpful and make the job much easier.

In this article, you'll read about how wireless headsets work alongside VoIP service. Because VoIP is very flexible, you can easily add a variety of phone accessories and have different phones for different people. In many cases, you can even connect smartphones into the network to use with your call center.

Learn more about how to set up your VoIP wireless headsets with your phone service. From there, you can decide how you will configure and install your phones and choose the right hardware for your users.

What is a VoIP Wireless Headset?

VoIP wireless headsets include a built-in microphone and earpiece components that allow you to connect to your VoIP phone service during conversations. In most cases, headsets are better for sound quality than the microphone and speakers installed in your computer hardware—using a wireless headset enables you to skip the lower quality components and instead use a system that gives you improved sound quality for your phone calls.

Headsets can be wired or wireless. Generally, wireless headsets work using Bluetooth to transmit the audio signals between the computer and the headset itself. Because wireless headsets aren't tied directly to the computer with a physical wire, it's easier to move and work using these headsets instead of the traditional, wired versions.

How Do VoIP Wireless Headsets Work with VoIP Hardware?

VoIP wireless headsets use Bluetooth, normally. These connect to a computer. Generally, the following process occurs during phone calls:

  • Initiating call: The VoIP subscriber answers a call or dials a call—this function may be performed by an autodialer when the call is outgoing or by PBX (private branch exchange) picking up the call and sending it to the agent when the call is incoming. Computer servers connect the two phones via the Internet and interaction with a LAN (local area network), if applicable.
  • Conversation: During the conversation, audio is transmitted as information packets through the Internet between the two parties. If one phone is a landline phone, the VoIP traffic must be routed through the public phone service network along the way to reaching the destination. Finally, it is transmitted via Bluetooth to the headset. As the user speaks, the speech is transferred back through the network.
  • Software: With VoIP, other applications may run at the same time as the phone conversation to record, monitor, or tag the conversation in some way for later analytics or for observation by management. In this case, audio collected through the headset may be used and processed by another application within the VoIP platform.

Throughout the call, the headset receives and sends transmissions wirelessly.

How Do VoIP USB Headsets Work?

VoIP USB headsets follow a very similar process as wireless headsets do, except they transmit the data through a wired USB connection. This headset may need to be installed and configured for that particular phone system and computer, or it may be plug-and-play and may not need special configuration.

Choosing the Right Headset for Your VoIP Phones

VoIP wireless headsets can make it easier to work in a call center job and can make life easier for people who spend a lot of time on the phone. By connecting wirelessly to your computer, wireless headsets allow users to make phone calls conveniently. These headsets transfer phone conversations via Bluetooth from your computer to your ears. Rather than use a wired connection, these headsets rely on wireless connections and may need to be configured for your computer and your phone service. As you shop for new hardware, keep in mind that your vendor may have recommendations and may be able to sell or lease headsets to you at a discount, depending on your plan and your business.

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