VoIP Tunnels - What You Need to Know

VoIP tunnels can help organizations access high-quality secured communications. This can be particularly useful in situations where there are concerns about the privacy and security of information. VoIP tunnels use encryption to move protected VoIP communications across networks. In this article, you can read more about how VoIP tunnels work and decide if they might be useful for your business. Tunnels can help you move past your own firewalls, access great VoIP business service in places where VoIP is more restricted, and help you avoid hackers who are trying to restrict phone service online.

What Is a VoIP Tunnel?

Sometimes, VoIP traffic has to navigate around roadblocks to reach its destination---that's where VoIP tunnels come in. VoIP tunnels encrypt traffic data so it can't be intercepted and blocked. This provides protected VoIP communications.

Unfortunately, sometimes VoIP services are deliberately blocked. A few countries restrict VoIP services for a variety of reasons. In other situations, there's a local phone service that doesn't want to compete with VoIP, so they act to block VoIP traffic. Some VoIP subscribers use VoIP tunnels in these situations to stop outside blocks from preventing the transfer of call data.

There are other uses for VoIP tunnels, too. You can use VoIP tunnels to help you avoid firewalls--if you use a firewall to protect your network, that would also typically block VoIP traffic. In that specific situation, you may need a VoIP tunnel in order to both secure your network and access VoIP service.

What Is a VoIP Connection?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses the Internet to transmit call data and create a phone service connection. Thanks to the Internet, phone service users can access service that offers better features, advanced functionality, and more affordable minutes.

Here are a few benefits of VoIP:

  • Lower cost. Generally, VoIP is much cheaper than other forms of phone service.
  • Advanced features. Access features such as call analytics, data encryption, and virtual extensions.
  • Phone service everywhere. Wherever you have a reliable Internet connection, you can connect to your phone service and make calls.
  • Easy maintenance. Maintain your network by leaving maintenance to your VoIP vendor---cloud-hosted service makes it easy, and Internet-based phone service is easier to take care of.
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). You can bring equipment into your VoIP plan. For instance, take your old analog phones with you using an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter). Extend your investment and get more value from old phones.
  • There are many other benefits of VoIP---this is just a sample. And using VoIP tunnels, you can access a more secure connection, too.

How Do VoIP Tunnels Work?

VoIP tunnels carry traffic over encrypted connections, 'tunneling' out from the mainstream path of online traffic, so your calls can't be intercepted and decrypted. To get a tunnel service, you'd need to request it from your VoIP vendor, who can provide you with an encrypted connection.

You can combine a VoIP tunnel with other options such as a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or you can obfuscate or disguise VoIP traffic as other information as it's transmitted over the Internet.

The Benefits of a VoIP Tunnel

VoIP tunnels have the following benefits, to name a few:

  • Protect communications. If you're sending sensitive communications and have concerns about privacy or securing your calls, then a VoIP tunnel can help you protect your transmissions.
  • Avoid competition for signals. Skip around signals designed to block your communications.
  • Access quality communications. If you have trouble getting higher quality because of controls designed to limit VoIP, using a tunnel can help you achieve higher quality levels.
  • Through a VoIP tunnel, you can boost your own communication security. This has a lot of practical value for businesses.

Getting Started with VoIP Tunnels

VoIP tunnels are a useful solution in many different instances, allowing companies to protect their communications security and ensure that they can access high-quality communications.

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