VoIP Surveillance: How to Keep Your VoIP Software Secure

VoIP or IP Telephony has essentially replaced old-fashioned landlines and has become the mainstream communication channel for enterprises. The host of benefits it offers brings significant productivity and cost savings for businesses. However, security is one aspect that most organizations neglect while adopting VoIP. Just like any other internet-based solution, VoIP too is vulnerable to hacks and can be easily targeted for the purpose of fraud, theft and other crimes.

It is crucial for businesses to realize that even though VoIP offer multiple benefits, there has to be a proper provision to secure this new communication channel in order to stay protected against hacks. VoIP surveillance with suitable precautions is as such critical to avoid cyber-attacks that are most commonly attempted to hack financial data by gaining illegal access over an IP telephone system.

Here are some of the most common security risks associated with VoIP software:

DoS (Denial of Service) Attacks

You might have heard about DoS attacks that shut down websites. But these attacks are not just limited to websites. A much more dangerous DoS attack is done through VoIP where hackers can overload a VoIP network or device and bring the services to a halt. A DoS attack can also be used by hackers to gain control over the administrative tools and can signal the endpoints (devices) to disconnect calls prematurely.

VoIP Phishing

VoIP Phishing is a fraud tactic where you receive spoof calls from persons that pretend to be from a trustworthy organization, and eventually, lure you to give away personal information such as passcodes or other sensitive information. Hackers can easily tamper with the caller ID and the numbers can be set up and destroyed instantly, making it difficult for the authorities to track it.


Eavesdropping attacks happen when your VoIP system gets compromised. Hackers can capture the network traffic, giving them access to communication data. These types of attacks are often performed to access business information such as passwords, usernames, phone numbers, and other critical data. Hackers can easily tamper the conversation, change calling plans or forward the calls to another number through such attacks.

How to Keep Your VoIP Software Secure?

Cyber threats on VoIP systems are for real and it important for you to take proper measures in order to mitigate the security risks and avoid compromising your VoIP system to hackers and eavesdroppers. Here are key important steps that you should implement to VoIP secure:

  • Setting up strong passwords is the first and foremost thing you should do to protect your VoIP system. Avoid using common names and phrases. Instead, use a mix of at least 11 alphanumeric and special characters that are often difficult to crack. You can also add another layer of security by enabling 2-factor authentication during account login.
  • Secure the network with a firewall. While most broadband routers have an inbuilt firewall, it is important to configure it by allowing only a particular set of SIP services for incoming calls and not any random ones.
  • Use encryption to secure data packets that travel across the network. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is one of the best ways to secure and encrypt the connections. This adds a layer of protection to your data, keeping it safe from the prying eyes.
  • Keep an eye on your system’s activity regularly. Detecting anomalies early can help prevent a disaster from happening. Always keep a check on incoming files and discard the ones that are not in use.
  • Always keep the antivirus and malware protection tools of your system updated to the latest version. This will ensure that any new cyber threat gets detected before it damages the VoIP system.

VoIP is indeed a promising and a cost-effective communication platform that promotes productivity and collaborative culture within the organization. However, just like every other internet-based technology, VoIP is also prone to cyber-attacks that can compromise your sensitive business data. However, taking precautions with suitable security measures can mitigate these risks and ensure safe and secure communication.

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