What Does VoIP Network Infrastructure Look Like?

VoIP network infrastructure allows organizations to access the VoIP phone services to communicate more effectively. Thanks to having the right network ingredients, businesses can create call centers and meet their own communications needs. For some, this means basic features and infrastructure. For others, this means comprehensive enterprise-level service and equipment.

In this article, you can read more about how VoIP network infrastructure can help your organization meet your communications goals.

What Is VoIP Network Infrastructure?

VoIP network infrastructure allows your business to set up VoIP phones and supporting equipment and software. It typically is made up of a computer, connection to the Internet, internal connections and networks, and any phone equipment used to make and receive phone calls.

Outside of the business, there is an additional infrastructure that provides network transmission so signals and messages can be sent. There may also be equipment to facilitate the sending, receiving, and translating of signals for different types of phones to make the most of the software and connection.

What VoIP Network Infrastructure Needs

VoIP network infrastructure requires several different types of supporting equipment. Your VoIP vendor can help you get the right equipment and connection to support your phone service needs. Generally speaking, here's what goes into a VoIP network:

  • Phones. Your phone equipment and software enables you to make and receive phone calls.
  • Internet connection. You need a fast, high-capacity connection such as a broadband connection. Some internet connections may not have enough bandwidth or speed to support high-quality phone calls, so it's important to pay attention to the type of connection you choose to use with your network.
  • Wiring. The wired connections within your building, if you're running your phone network in a specific place, can matter. You can in fact use adapters and work with older connections, but the types of wired connections you choose to use with your network do matter.
  • Computers. VoIP phone calls are generally placed with the help of computers—personal units and servers that route traffic.
  • PBX (Private Branch Exchange). This is the device that operates traffic control over your VoIP system and relays calls to the right places, in a similar fashion to what the public network does for calls that are transferred across it. Your PBX may be a physical box placed on your network or it could be a virtual device over the cloud. Either way, somehow you need the PBX functionality performed.

Depending on how you set up your network and what your specific needs are, your own organization and phone service may have a different setup. Regardless, it helps to get advice about how to create your network infrastructure the right way so you have everything you need.

What Do VoIP Plans Need in Order to Work?

VoIP plans need several basics. For instance, a phone and Internet connection. From there, how your network is configured may vary. Bigger networks generally have more moving parts (so to speak)—more features, equipment onsite or offsite and more software. The best VoIP services simplify this for VoIP subscribers and make it easier to find the service you need.

To get started, you'll need to find the right VoIP vendor for you and ask the right questions. They can help guide you towards an infrastructure setup that benefits you the most. Some businesses need large systems that can power call centers, for example, while others are much smaller and simpler phone networks with just a few network pieces. Either way, giving your organization the right resources to thrive can help your business reach communications goals and get more out of your phone service.

Getting Started with VoIP Plans

VoIP network infrastructure may vary, but it generally follows the same pattern of phones and internet connections. You need a service that offers the right features for the size of your business and gives you everything your organization needs to thrive.

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