How Do You Gather VoIP Metrics?

In order to perform data analytics appropriately, it helps to have great data and observe the right metrics. VoIP metrics help you determine call center performance and determine how well your call center is really doing.

How Do You Gather VoIP Metrics?

Gathering VoIP metrics is usually done with software. Within a single UCaaS or CCaaS platform, there is often one or more software programs that are designed to collect key VoIP metrics and save the data for reference in real-time or for inclusion in a report on past VoIP performance. The use of this real-time and past data can help your organization draw conclusions on what's really happening in your call center and track performance statistics.

In most cases, this data is collected automatically by your software.

What Software Do You Use with VoIP to Use Metrics?

Usually, VoIP metrics are included within the call center software platform that you use to access your VoIP account and manage account access. From a single portal, you can make changes to your VoIP system, track ongoing metrics, and make adjustments to account access. Depending on the kinds of metrics you track, you may need a custom software solution or a software integration that's compatible with your VoIP service.

Your vendor can help you find the right software to track metrics your business can use. In time, your metrics can form the basis of useful reports and help your organization make important business decisions.

What VoIP Metrics are Important for Businesses?

Depending on the industry you're in as well as the size of your business and other factors, your organization needs to identify the right metrics to track and use in reporting. Your company can start with basic metrics that every business can readily use in tracking call center performance---from there, you can always add other metrics later if you need to do so.

Here are a few metrics that may benefit call centers:

  • Call attempts: If you're using an autodialer or other call management software, you'll want to track the number of call attempts to see how often your call center tries to make calls.
  • Call failures: The number of failed calls out of call attempt totals.
  • Call length: How long each call is and the length of an average call.
  • Active calls: How many calls are active in a given period of time.
  • Call failures by agent: For each agent, the number of call failures that occur.
  • Call failure codes: For your failing calls, you need to know what your call failure codes are, too.

With these VoIP metrics, you can get a better picture of how your call center is functioning and what needs to be changed. These stats can give you a better idea of what's really happening during a given period of time as well as what you need to do in order to fix any problems your phone system encounters over time.

Thanks to the right data, you can make better decisions on what your call center needs and how your organization should change to accommodate adjustments in the business environment. For instance, you can see how your call center manages a busy season and make adjustments whenever your call center is preparing for another busy period. Or, if you notice changes such as a slowdown in call volume, you can respond with staffing and infrastructure adjustments to adapt to the changes.

Getting Started with VoIP Metrics

Having the right metrics and ability to track them will help your organization pivot in response to changes in the business environment. Over time, you can make adjustments to what you track so you have information that closely aligns with what your business needs. VoIP metrics can help you determine how well your call center is performing and observe any changes in the marketplace that require a response or policy change. Metrics such as call attempts can tell you what your call center is really doing so management is better informed.

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