How To Navigate the Latest Trends In the VoIP Marketplace

Cloud communication technologies are fast-evolving. In order to meet your communication and collaboration needs in a way that supports future growth and changing customer expectations, you need a VoIP provider that not only offers the best quality service but is also in the forefront of VoIP marketplace trends to ensure that you have access to the latest features.

Trends in the VoIP Marketplace

When selecting a VoIP provider, you should consider its product development roadmap to evaluate if the planned features and upgrades are going to meet your needs.

Here are some VoIP trends and recent advancements you should take into consideration:

Expansion In the Corporate Market

The many benefits of using VoIP are recognized by corporations and more businesses are switching to the technology thanks to its ability to improve productivity and reduce cost. VoIP vendors will increase their efforts to meet the needs of their corporate customers so they can be more competitive in the marketplace.

Expect VoIP providers to introduce more robust features through their enterprise-grade offerings. If you're already an existing customer, you can provide feedback and suggestions on functionalities you need to grow your business.

Growth Of the Phone-To-Phone Segment

VoIP calls fall into three categories: computer-to-computer, computer-to-phone, or phone-to-phone. With the increased usage of smartphones and other mobile devices, along with the development of 4G and 5G technologies, the phone-to-phone segment is forecasted to become the dominant means of VoIP communication.

Expect VoIP providers to develop more smartphone-friendly interfaces and features that will augment the phone-to-phone user experience, particularly for corporate users that demand an efficient communication platform along with other features that help improve their productivity.

Compliance To Legal Regulations

Legal legislation hasn't been keeping up with the development of VoIP and cloud communication technologies. Expect to see issues in regulation, authority, and boundaries in the near future -- for example, the global nature of today's business environment and the capabilities of VoIP services to connect users in different countries will pose questions on how to determine geographical boundaries and judiciaries for VoIP providers.

When evaluating a VoIP vendor, you should consider if the it has the resources to stay on top of the various legal requirements that could affect your industry and implement the appropriate measures to help you stay compliant.

Development Of Strategic Partnership

Prominent providers in the VoIP space will continue to invest in research and development. They'll also seek mergers, strategic partnerships, and joint venture opportunities to expand their market share, geographic footprint, and service offerings.

Some of these acquisitions will facilitate integration with other software applications or cloud services, which will become part of the VoIP platform's centralized communication interface. This often benefits the customers, who can gain access to more features and functionalities at little or no additional cost.

The Convergence Of VoIP and Unified Communications (UC)

While VoIP is used by most UC platforms to deliver voice calls, major VoIP providers will be expanding their service offerings to include UC features such as instant messaging, email, text, and social to help customers improve collaboration and streamline workflows. These highly-integrated systems can further increase business agility and operational efficiency for corporations.

When evaluating VoIP providers, you should consider if they have plans to expand their service packages that will enable you to bring all your communication needs into one single platform so you can streamline operations and improve productivity.

Increased Demand In Cybersecurity

Data breaches are increasingly costly for businesses while organizations are under more pressure to comply with various industry standards designed to protect sensitive customer data. Cloud providers, including VoIP services, are required to implement the necessary security measures, including encryption, control access, and authentication, to ensure the security of their customers' data.

Selecting a cloud communication provider is particularly important if you're in a highly-regulated industry, such as legal, finance, and healthcare. Most reputable VoIP services have dedicated teams of security experts to ensure that your sensitive data is properly protected.


Selecting a VoIP provider that's at the forefront of the industry allows you to gain access to the most advanced cloud communication technologies to support your business growth plan.

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