What is VoIP DDoS?

DDoS attacks threaten VoIP networks and attempt to take them down. Preventing a DDoS attack is an important step to securing your organization's phone system and protecting it from hackers who want to harm your network. Unfortunately, DDoS attacks are a fact of life for having a VoIP system at your company. You can't always avoid them, but you can proactively protect your network so it can be better at withstanding a DDoS attack when it happens. This can help your business improve the functionality of your phone network and eliminate threats.

VoIP DDoS is just one of the threats to VoIP networks, so it's important to have a comprehensive plan with the right security measures to keep your network from going down or losing functionality, particularly during key use times or in situations where you really need reliable phone service.

How Do VoIP DDoS Attacks Work?

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are designed to basically take down a network, at least temporarily, making it difficult if not impossible for the network to function as it was designed to do. To understand the basis for this, it helps to know a few key terms and understand the basics of these attacks.

Here is some information that is helpful to remember:

  • DDoS attacks: Using a network of rogue computers, hackers launch a large number of requests at a target all at once. As a result, the network is overwhelmed with the requests and doesn't know what to do. It can't serve the normal requests it has, so it effectively stops working. It's like a supermarket counter with a large number of teenage bullies standing there asking the three cashiers so many questions that they can't serve the line of customers. Until the kids step away, it's almost as if the store service desk is closed, even though it's working frantically. That's a DDoS attack in a nutshell. Say there are a hundred kids yelling at the store employees---wow, that's probably going to be a lot to manage, and the store will have to control the crowd before service goes back to normal.
  • VoIP network: VoIP networks allow VoIP phone service to connect between phone call recipients and callers. The network relies on a few different connections---the Internet connection, LAN (Local Area Network), national network, etc., depending on the phone system and needs of the organization.
  • VoIP service: VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses the Internet to transmit phone service.

With the right equipment, software, and configurations, you can set up your own VoIP system and you can reduce the likelihood that you'll suffer a DDoS attack.

Why Do Hackers Launch DDoS Attacks?

It depends. Sometimes, hackers are just intent on causing mayhem. Often, though, hackers will use DDoS as an opportunity to ask for ransom or try to extort information or some type of response from your company. DDoS could have a wide range of different motives---just like the people who create them.

The exact reason isn't always the important thing. Protecting your phone system is. And remember that the reason for the attack might not simply be money; it could be targeting your reputation or serving as a distraction or hindrance. DDoS attacks are serious because they can have wide-ranging consequences. This is why it's important to plan for them.

Preventing DDoS Attacks

While in many respects it's hard to truly prevent DDoS attacks because it's difficult to completely close down phone lines, there are protocols that can be used to help filter out known attack calls. This way, if phone numbers have been registered as bad numbers in the past, then future DDoS attacks from the same numbers could be prevented. Many DDoS attacks feature simple repeated automated calls, so in theory you can completely prevent an attack in the first place if you can block the numbers that are calling you.

VoIP servers do, however, use open lines to receive communications, so there's inevitably going to be a small amount of vulnerability to future attacks.

Learn More about DDoS

DDoS attacks overwhelm servers and can be devastating to phone networks. As such, it's important to do with you can to try and prevent them. Securing your servers can help.

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