VoIP Cell Phone

As the U.S. moves from legacy services to smarter innovation, VoIP phones have been gaining popularity. VoIP (Voice over Internet Provider) doesn't use copper landlines, which are limited in the features they can offer. Instead, VoIP uses a broadband or internet connection. And because the calls made with VoIP use digital data, calls in the U.S. are free. Calls to other countries are free or at a low price.

As VoIP becomes more popular, users are seeing more ways to use the service, including cell phones. There are dual-mode phones that use Wi-Fi and regular cellphone service; there are Wi-Fi phones that only work with a Wi-Fi connection, and there are VoIP cell phones that work strictly with your VoIP connection. Let's take a deeper look at these options.

Dual-Mode Phones

When a phone is dual-mode, it can receive both a cellular signal and Wi-Fi. The phone's Wi-Fi radio allows it to connect to your internet connection with your router. You can make free VoIP calls at home or anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Wi-Fi Phones

Wi-Fi phones aren't regular phones. They only work with Wi-Fi radio connections. These are phones that you can make VoIP calls with and they're gaining popularity with businesses. For example, a hospital or school might offer phones to all staff. The VoIP calls are free for the most part.

VoIP Phone Service

VoIP phones use special software that let them offer features that are better than traditional landlines. And you can customize features as your business grows and scales.

Features can include:

  • Call routing and call forwarding
  • Remote calling and recording calls
  • Video and voice calling
  • Call logs and call analytics
  • Save Money on Calls Using VoIP

Depending on the type of business you have, there are various ways to make free VoIP calls. VoIP phones are cost-efficient solutions with enhanced features that surpass landlines. And, businesses can use VoIP phones to share the latest technologies with their employees.

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