What Is A VoIP Caller

If you are considering switching to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system for your business phone service, there are significant advantages. In addition to dramatically lowering costs, you get increased flexibility, scalability, and advanced business phone features.

What Is A VoIP Caller?

Traditional phone service from a local phone company means wiring up your business with copper lines and running those lines throughout your business. It can be complicated and take a significant amount of time to schedule and complete. A VoIP caller skips all that mess. Instead of running lines for phone connections, you use inexpensive software and connect to the cloud via your internet connection.

That means no hardware to install. You can either add IP phones, put an ATA adapter on your existing analog phone, or install a VoIP Client app to your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or other mobile devices to takes advantage of VoIP calls.

What Does VoIP Caller Mean?

Just like a landline or mobile phone number, a VoIP number is an identifier that is used to make and receive calls. If you are calling out, there’s no real difference in the way you use your phone. The work to route the call through the internet is all done behind the scenes by VoIP clients, cloud-based switching and packet delivery, and the public internet.

If you are calling into a VoIP phone, you just dial the number the same way you would call any phone number and your call will connect.

Why Does the Caller ID Say VoIP Caller?

That indicates the call is coming in via VoIP. To the person answering the call, they will notice any difference between a VoIP call and a traditional phone call. Call quality and latency was a concern in the early days of VoIP, but robust VoIP systems like 8x8 have eliminated those concerns.

With incoming caller ID, the name and number of the incoming call will appear on your display if it is available. You can also customize outgoing caller ID for your business. You can either make all extensions on your system display the same caller ID, such as your business name or personalize it by extension.

Why Choose VoIP Rather Than PBX?

A traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) allows your team to talk internally and connect with other callers on the phone network. In addition to the leased lines from the local phone company, the PBX requires internal lines and physical connections to each workstation where you want a phone.

While calls between system users are free, outside calls are subject to long-distance charges, international fees, and monthly line lease charges. In some cases, depending on your level of service, you may also be charged for calls over a specified number (metered service).

VoIP avoids these leased line charges and most of the other charges. There is no need for a PBX with a cloud-based VoIP provider. Your fees are included in a small monthly fee and there is no additional charge for local or long-distance calling. Most international calls are free as well.

VoIP software allows you to integrate existing equipment and mobile devices. That means you can make and receive calls anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection. In-house employees, remote offices, remote workers, at-home workers, and employees working on location will be able to call within your system.

Cloud-based VoIP allows a single admin dashboard to make changes, add, or delete lines. Flexible and scalable, the process is so easy you do not need dedicated IT resources to manage the system. This compares to traditional phone systems where it may take days or even weeks to make changes to your system and require on-site visits from the phone company.

VoIP Caller: Lower Cost Of Ownership

Whether you are using a traditional phone system or VoIP, the call recipient will not notice a difference. You will see a significant difference in your monthly bill, however. With one bill from one provider for all of your calling services, you can eliminate surprises and long-distance fees.

Cloud-Based VoIP Phone Provider

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