The Facts about VoIP Business Model Presentation

If you are trying to get your team to consider the benefits of VoIP, having a presentation illustrating the benefits can be helpful. You'll need to gather data and prepare examples that make it clear how VoIP is beneficial---not just for businesses in general, but for yours in particular. In this article, you can read more about how to start your business presentation prep and how to make a case for VoIP.

What Is a VoIP Business Model Presentation?

A VoIP business model presentation can help you convince your organization about the value and business usefulness of VoIP service. Phone service has come a long way since the early days of telephony, and it has so many more features and benefits than ever before. Many people are unfamiliar with just how much VoIP service can do these days. A presentation of the core benefits for your organization alongside specific use cases of how VoIP can transform your company may help convince others in your business that a new business phone service is worth the investment.

To prepare your presentation, you'll need to gather some information about VoIP and your organization's phone service needs.

What Are the Benefits of VoIP Service for Businesses?

For businesses, the benefits of VoIP can be enormous. Here's a list with just a few of the benefits:

  • Reduced cost. Save money on phone service, particularly when compared with legacy telephony systems such as landlines and T1 service. VoIP requires less infrastructure and fewer regular upgrades and updates.
  • Advanced features. Access advanced phone features such as video conferencing, call analytics, and more.
  • Create a call center. If your business needs a call center or contact center, then VoIP is a great way to access the technology you need.
  • Collect and use analytics. Call analytics can help your team ensure that the phone service is meeting your needs and that everything is happening the way it's supposed to. Track metrics such as call failure and observe how new team members are performing at work.
  • Host meetings. You can even replace some or all of your meetings through video conferencing software enabling large numbers of participants.
  • Take your service anywhere. VoIP is mobile, and it isn't tied to a single location in the way landlines are. So you can take VoIP service on the road or relocate your business and keep your phone service with you.
  • Realize tangible benefits for your organization thanks to VoIP. By presenting these and other benefits, you can gather what you need to help you sell your team on VoIP.

How Do You Sell Your Team on VoIP Service?

To start your pitch, you'll need to prepare information. Here are a few ideas:

  • Compare VoIP with your current solution. What are the benefits?
  • Consider the implementation process. What will it take to bring in VoIP?

Note your equipment needs. Perhaps you can BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or upgrade to affordable, high-quality equipment you can use for a while.

  • Explain the benefits of Internet-based phone services.
  • Highlight how VoIP will help you meet your business goals.

If you need a contact center, explain how VoIP can help you create and deploy your own.

As you prepare your pitch, collect data from your business or consider doing some basic research to gather your own from other businesses in your industry.

How Can Businesses Ensure VoIP Is Successful?

To ensure a successful VoIP implementation, be sure to create a careful plan. Ask your vendor for suggestions on how to transition smoothly and effectively. Outline your ideas for implementation and assign people who can be responsible for each area of the process. Consider a gradual deployment that starts with just a portion of your network. If you want to keep old equipment, make sure it's up to the task and that you have the adapters you'll need to connect it to the network.

Getting Started with VoIP

Getting started with VoIP can be enormously beneficial for your business. To make a case for VoIP, start by gathering the benefits and use case data you'll need to convincingly sell it to others.

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