What Is a Non-Fixed VoIP and What Are Its Business Benefits

If you need to upgrade your business phone system and you're looking to really impress your customers and prospects, consider looking into a VoIP phone system for your company. Not only can you get a reliable, fast connection, but with the right provider, you also get a suite of tools designed to help you serve your customers better from every angle. With a comprehensive VoIP solution, you'll get everything your agents need to communicate effectively and efficiently because of features like auto attendant, audio and video conferencing, and instant messaging.

A non-fixed VoIP phone number can provide even more flexibility and mobility for companies that want to communicate globally. Let's take a look at just what a non-fixed VoIP phone number is and how it can benefit your business communications. But first, let's talk about what VoIP is in general.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP stands for voice over Internet protocol and it's a modern business phone solution that offers more features than a traditional business phone system at a fraction of the cost. VoIP is essentially Internet calling and uses existing Internet connections and physical cables or fiber optics to provide phone services. VoIP is traditionally used for small and growing businesses to help them better manage business communications using a comprehensive, all-in-one software program. And with a non-fixed VoIP phone number, you have even more agility and flexibility. Let's see how. But first, we'll discuss exactly what a VoIP phone number is typically used for.

What Is a VoIP Phone Number Used For?

Companies typically use VoIP phone numbers for a more unified communications experience across the board. VoIP might be used to put all employees under the same phone system despite their office locations - and even if they work from home. A VoIP phone system can save not only save you money, but it can save you time by giving you a simple web portal to help manage your communications more effectively. And with a VoIP phone number, you only have one low monthly bill to worry about.

What Is a Non-Fixed VoIP Phone Number?

A non-fixed VoIP phone number means your phone number isn't fixed to a physical address like with fixed VoIP phone numbers. Traditionally, you couldn't get a phone number without a physical address to link the number to. But times have changed and now you can get what's called a non-fixed VoIP phone number. You may be wondering what the difference is between a non-fixed VoIP phone number and a fixed VoIP number. Let's take a look.

How Is It Different From a Fixed VoIP Phone Number?

A fixed VoIP phone number, as you may remember, is tied to a physical address. Even if you have a smartphone, your fixed VoIP phone number has to be tied to a physical address in order to have an account. But with a non-fixed VoIP phone number, you don't need to have a physical address tied to your phone number. A fixed VoIP phone is more like having a traditional phone line, while a non-fixed VoIP phone is more flexible, allowing for easier international communication.

Benefits of a Non-Fixed Vs. Fixed VoIP Phone Number

There are quite a few benefits to having a non-fixed vs. fixed VoIP phone number, the main one being that non-fixed VoIP phone services help companies connect, communicate, and collaborate globally whereas fixed VoIP phone services might not be as reliable when it comes to international communications. Also, costs are easier to control with a non-fixed VoIP phone number, which is great for small and growing businesses. With feature-rich mobile and desktop apps, your employees can work on any device they want and they can access features like voice, video and web conferencing, and business messaging.

Additional benefits of having a non-fixed vs. fixed VoIP number include easy signup - all you need is an email address and payment method in most cases.

A non-fixed VoIP phone service certainly has its benefits for companies in the beginning and growth stages. Not only is this kind of business phone solution more cost-effective, but these days, it provides additional business features that make it easier to manage communications from an all-in-one software experience, like video and web conferencing, messaging, and voice. So if you want to make the best possible impression on your customers and prospects, consider a non-fixed VoIP phone number for your business.

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