How many VoIP lines can I have?

Ever since the internet became an essential tool for consumers and businesses alike, it has allowed for some major advances in the way people communicate and exchange information. From Facetime to Instagram stories, users can send images, audio, and video files over a wireless connection instantaneously, and those searching for an alternative to traditional landlines can take advantage of VoIP technology to meet their needs. 

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and this process allows for phone calls to be made and received over a wireless internet connection. The process is a great choice for businesses looking to streamline their business phone services and one of the best advantages for team members is the capability to have multiple lines.

How Many VoIP Lines Can I Have?

One of the most compelling qualities of VoIP systems is the capacity to set up multiple lines with minimal complications. 

After you've selected a provider and have gone through the initial setup and installation processes, selecting how many lines you need depends on how many team members you have to connect with. Essentially, each employee who requires a phone number will receive their own hardware, which includes a phone console and Ethernet cable. The phone will be plugged into the PC, which connects to a router that provides an internet connection. 

The only tricky thing that will have to be decided is how many telephone numbers you have or need to be assigned. For example, if you're switching over from a landline provider to a cloud-based one, then every number you're bringing over will have to be ported. This process requires a Letter of Agency (LOA) that will have to be filed so that your new telecommunications provider can act on your behalf. Your existing numbers will be transferred to their care and hardware can be distributed accordingly. 

What really matters is how many existing numbers you need to transfer and how many new numbers you need for your team. Once that's decided, then your provider will be able to supply you with anything you need.

How is VoIP Different than Traditional Landlines?

The main difference that businesses will enjoy after switching to VoIP phone services is that bulky, cumbersome equipment will no longer take up space and eat up finances. With traditional landlines, your office will have to deal with a complex PBX system that's prone to all sorts of malfunctions and mishaps with connectivity. Not to mention, the cost of maintaining its integrity can lead to outrageous fees on top of your monthly service bill. In fact, research shows that companies who transition to VoIP will save about 50% on their phone bills and up to 90% off of what it would cost them to install the former. 

Aside from the financial gains, another difference between VoIP and traditional landlines are the simplicity and ease of use that comes with cloud-based technology. With VoIP, everything from hardware to software is provided by one company. The need to find additional suppliers and services is no longer an issue, and you can find peace of mind in knowing that any problems that surface will be directly handled by your provider through one reliable source. 

Reliability and support are key factors when deciding which type of provider is right for your business. With traditional landlines, teams members will be constantly playing a game of cat and mouse, having to work around limitations that persist whether they're in the office or working remotely from home. However, VoIP services offer the same PBX features anywhere you go. Employees across the globe have access to cutting-edge services, such as extension dialing, call recording, and internet faxing. Plus, everyone can collaborate freely with interactive features like web conferencing and video meetings. 

The differences are night and day when it comes to deciding which service will lead to the most success, so if you're searching for a better way to do business, then VoIP is an obvious front-runner. 

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