DSL Reports on VoIP for Business

A high-speed, broadband internet connection is critical for managing and taking advantage of the benefits of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and Unified Communications tools that are necessary in today’s interconnected business world.

DSLreports VoIP

VoIP allows for the transmission of voice and data communications through the internet by use of IP packets. It allows for connections from traditional telephone handsets as well as computers and mobile devices.

For businesses with a strong internet connection, internet telephony software provides virtually free calling between parties. It eliminates the leased lines necessary for traditional phone services managed by the local phone company.

It also eliminates long-distance calling fees and most international calling charges. A managed, cloud-based service, such as 8x8, can be implemented in any size business with low monthly fees. In fact, your total cost of ownership for VoIP can be reduced by 50% or more versus your local phone company’s service.

IP phones can be connected in a plug and play manner to instantly make calls using internet connections. ATA adapters can connect existing analog headsets into digital networks. VoIP Client apps can be installed on computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to allow for internet calling.

A managed VoIP service will charge a monthly subscription fee, but also provides management in the cloud and reduces the need for dedicated IT support.

Flexibility And Scalability

Managed VoIP services also provide superior flexibility and scalability. If you’ve ever had to add or change a phone line at your business using the local telephone company, you know how time-consuming (and expensive) it can be. You might have to wait weeks, or even months, to get new equipment and lines installed. They may need to come into your place of business to make the connection.

With managed VoIP services, you have access to an admin tool that allows you to add, delete, or change extensions almost immediately. Scalability is virtually limitless. As your business grows, your system can adapt.

Connecting Everyone

By connecting all of your workers, you can manage communications in one central place. Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile. Whether your team travels, is disbursed across multiple locations, works remotely, or works at home, they can all be connected through your managed IP services.

Adding Unified Communication tools and Virtual Office software can increase productivity.

A virtual office solution makes the communication experience seamless regardless of where employees are working. Office-to-office calling has no long-distance fees. You have four-digit extension dialing even if workers are working remotely or in a home office. Seamless routing and conference bridging is available for each employee. A Unified Communication solution can combine business phone services, collaboration and virtual meetings, and enterprise-ready contact center solutions into one system.

All employees will have access to the same features and functionality. Because it is cloud-based, there is no expensive equipment to maintain.

Checking Your Broadband Connection For VoIP

You can run speed tests on your internet connections and make sure you have enough bandwidth to handle a VoIP implementation. Our VoIP speed test will also make sure you are getting the bandwidth you are paying for from your internet service provider.

One System Saves Time And Money

With your business phone services delivered over the internet, you can put all of your employees under the same phone system. Whether they work in different offices, work remotely, or telecommute from home, they can all be managed by one simple web portal.

This saves you and your team time. With one phone system and one fixed monthly bill, you can also save money by reducing your dependence on your local phone company and eliminating long-distance charges.

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