How Do You Adapt Digital to VoIP?

Adapting digital phones for use with VoIP service can help your organization save money and get more out of your phone equipment. By using an adapter, you can connect your digital equipment to VoIP service to extend the life of your infrastructure and get more value out of phones you've already purchased. 

In this article, you can read more about some of the differences between VoIP service and digital service and how your organization can benefit from adapting digital to VoIP. 

How Do You Adapt Digital to VoIP?

Digital phone service, once the state-of-the-art option, is now giving way to VoIP---adapting digital to VoIP service can help your company take advantage of this trend and get a new business phone system that's rich in features and functionality. To make this transition possible, it's important to have a plan and the right equipment and software. 

With a gateway, you can transition your equipment to using VoIP instead of digital phone service. You can also upgrade your phones to IP phones (also known as VoIP phones). You don't necessarily have to use new phones, although it may help. A gateway adapter can provide your network with the signal translation it needs to take VoIP protocols and run them over digital equipment. 

What's the Difference between Digital and VoIP Service? 

Here are a few differences between digital and VoIP service, such as: 

  • Equipment, infrastructure, and age: Digital networks typically use T1 lines, digital phones, and a service from a phone company. VoIP uses an Internet connection, IP phones, and VoIP service from a vendor. 
  • Cost: Digital service requires an installation of phone wire and specialty equipment, whereas VoIP service can occur completely over the Internet with computer equipment. VoIP phone equipment is typically much cheaper. 
  • Service: Digital service plans are usually very similar to analog phone service. VoIP plans follow a wide variety of different models, such as pay-as-you-go. 
  • Maintenance: Digital phones are maintained by onsite technicians, while VoIP phones can be maintained remotely via online logins. 
  • Bandwidth use: Digital services have two cables, one for voice and the other for data. VoIP services use a great deal of bandwidth and often require dedicated Internet bandwidth in order to operate successfully. 
  • Mobility: Digital phones are much less portable than VoIP phones. VoIP systems can basically be plugged-in anywhere and get to work, while digital phones must rely on connections where they're physically located. 
  • Power: Power consumption is much higher with VoIP, and it typically requires a separate power cord. Digital phones draw power from their connection. 

Since the two phone services are substantially different, it may come as a surprise now that it's common to confuse these two phone service types. VoIP has many advantages over digital phone service, and this can help companies reach their communication goals more effectively. 

Converting Digital Signals to VoIP

To convert digital signals to VoIP, you'll need to use an adapter or gateway. For instance, a VoIP gateway can take in VoIP traffic in SIP protocol and convert it back to signals the digital equipment can work with. This allows you to get more value out of older phone equipment you've already made a financial investment in. 

Digital to VoIP Software

VoIP software itself is prepared to work with digital equipment, as long as you have a VoIP gateway. The gateway will translate SIP traffic to and from the digital equipment, making it easy to use digital phones and connections with your VoIP service. 

Getting Started with Adapting Digital to VoIP

Adapting digital equipment to VoIP service can help your organization benefit from old equipment. You can stretch your budget, gradually implement new equipment for VoIP services, and more. Gateways allow you to adapt digital equipment by translating the signal between digital phones and VoIP connections, which use SIP protocol. Getting the new business service you need is easier thanks to adapters and gateways. 

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