The Benefits of a SaaS Contact Center Solution

The ability to download software on demand from the cloud that integrates with your particular business operations, known as Software-as-a-service (or SaaS) has revolutionized the way we work, and has rapidly made SaaS contact center solutions the new industry standard. There are hundreds of different applications for SaaS that perform a multitude of tasks across a business. When it comes to SaaS contact center solutions, these new applications have brought in a new level of efficiency and sophistication to the experience.

Using SaaS in a contact center has brought costs way down, improved reliability, delivered exciting new tools to businesses that would never previously have been able to afford them, and given companies big and small the option of scaling their operations up or down, depending on demand.

Knowledge Is Power

When the contact center is connected to a company's customer relationship management software (CRM), a steady stream of data becomes available that strengthens the relationship with the consumer, and which can make the process feel magical to users. For example, callers are greeted by name, they are directed towards the right agents who understand their needs. Their history with the company is also immediately available.

This kind of data often results in queries being solved in the first call.

Furthermore, their interactions with the contact center are not merely limited to calls. Users can communicate via text, email and instant message. The SaaS tools of the contact center can integrate that messaging into the system seamlessly.

For agents of the contact center using these SaaS services, the cloud offers a new level of flexibility and mobility. They can integrate the application with others like Microsoft Outlook in order to make calls and setup meetings from within the application, and they can carry on working while on the go, as the application will work on their mobile devices from any location.

The BW Businessworld blog quotes a number of reasons why many companies are moving to the cloud. Here are a few salient points about why it makes sense for the contact center:

The Cost Factor

Gone are the days when expensive PBX-hardware solutions were the only game in town. As cloud-based services have matured, organizations large and small have begun experimenting with new systems and innovative ways of working. By deploying a SaaS-driven contact center, companies are seeing their costs driven down in a variety of ways.

Firstly, they no longer have to buy expensive hardware, find extra space in their physical locations to setup their systems, and hire extra IT staff to install and keep it all running. Now that all happens remotely.

Secondly, companies can scale down their contact centers during quieter times. This means that they are not obliged to pay staff that they do not need. The full suite of analytic tools in a cloud-based environment also give managers the power to scrutinize their call center agents carefully, to monitor the speed and level of performance, and to make sure that the contact center staff are working at their optimal level.

Thirdly, the IT staff that was vital to running proprietary software in the past is far less important than before. The responsibility for maintaining the software now resides with the cloud provider, and they are expected to deliver automatic updates, manage storage of data and keep the system itself running smoothly.

When Disaster Strikes

Things happen that you couldn't possibly see coming. You can't prepare for every eventuality, but disaster preparedness is a whole lot easier than ever before thanks to SaaS.

Your security against things beyond your control should include options such allow you to reroute channels of communication when the need arises, via a simple web interface, including voice, chat, email, and web callback.

In the event of a major incident, the cloud offers the ability to duplicate a version of your platform and host it in a completely different location, far away from the location of the disaster.

Easy Installation

Many businesses are put off by the thought of implementing new systems, but one of the joys of a SaaS contact center solution is the ease of installation. Most companies are able to do a self-install as the system connects seamlessly to the internet and integrates with the company's existing CRM. VOIP providers like 8x8 do have teams of installation experts on-hand for more complicated installations but, by and large, the process can be done remotely.

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The Benefits of a SaaS Contact Center Solution

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