Advantages of VoIP

Do you know anybody that is happy with the amount of money they pay and the quality of service from their local telephone company? If they are still using traditional phone service from a local phone company, they are paying more than half to pay. One of the advantages of VoIP is that it can cut down expenses by 50 percent or more, eliminate costly per-minute and long-distance fees, and reduce your dependence on phone company services.

Why Use VoIP Rather Than A Landline

The phone company installed system requires copper lines into your building (and throughout your building) and a Private Branch Exchange (PBX). The PBX hardware allows your team to make internal calls to employees on your network and connects outgoing and incoming calls. The PBX uses phone lines you lease monthly from your local phone company and which are subject to additional charges, including monthly line charges and calling fees.

A cloud-based VoIP system can avoid these leased line charges and most of the other charges. There is no need for an on-site PBX with a hosted VoIP provider. Your fees are all included in a small monthly fee. There is no per-minute fee, overage charge, or additional fees for local or long-distance calling. Most international calls are free as well.

Benefits of VoIP

VoIP software allows you to incorporate existing equipment and mobile devices. This allows your employees to make and receive calls anywhere in the world if they have an Internet connection. They can use desktop computers, handsets, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices within your network. In-house employees, remote offices, remote workers, at-home workers, and employees working on location will all have access.

There is no need for dedicated IT staff to manage your system. Maintenance and upgrades are handled by your VoIP provider. Changes and additions to your system can be made quickly and simply through an online admin portal. This flexibility and scalability mean you can adapt quickly as your business grows. With traditional phone systems, you must contact your phone company and rely on them to make changes. This can take days or weeks and may necessitate an on-site visit to your business and associated additional fees.

VoIP Caller: Lower Cost Of Ownership

Callers on both ends of a VoIP call will see little difference when they pick up the phone. All of the magic to route the call through the Internet happens behind-the-scenes. To the caller, they just pick up the phone and dial. Where you will see a big difference is in the expenses associated with your communications system.

You will notice immediate savings in your monthly bill with VoIP rather than your local phone company. With one bill from one provider for all of your calling services, you can eliminate surprises and long-distance fees. The total cost of ownership when converting from traditional phone service to a cloud-based VoIP provider with a managed service can exceed 50 percent.

VoIP Advantages And Disadvantages

When it comes to analyzing the VoIP advantages and disadvantages, the pros far outweigh the cons.

While total cost of ownership is significantly lower than legacy systems built on traditional phone carrier services, there is an upfront cost of deployment. Choosing a managed, cloud-based and hosted VoIP service can avoid much of these costs and cut down your hardware, server, and maintenance expense.

When installing VoIP, you may need to spend some money on new hardware. You may choose to replace existing handsets with IP phones that provide plug and play capability anywhere on your internet network. ATA adapters can be adding to existing analog phone sets. For computers, installing a VoIP client app is likely all it will take. Depending on your configuration, these are typically minor expenses and will be recouped quickly with reduced monthly phone company fees.

While some tech needs extensive training, that’s not the case with VoIP. Once deployed, it’s business as usual.

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