Understanding Messaging Bots

Messaging bots allow agents writing messages to become more productive and efficient at work by automating some texting communications. Bots are coded with a bank of ready-made responses to customer questions, remarks, and other inputs. Whenever a request is sent to the bot, the software determines what to say and the program responds with an appropriate message just like a live agent would. For simple communications, bots can be an effective way to respond to inquiries and provide information quickly.

In this article, you can learn more about how messaging bots can help your call center and how they can be implemented.

What are Messaging Bots?

Messaging bots are software programs designed to respond in writing via text message and chat to questions and other inputs. In other words, messaging bots act in similar ways as human agents would to provide responses to questions and requests in SMS text or online chat. This is typically used as part of a call center software solution.

Bots are an effective tool for organizations who need to communicate with customers who visit online and want to ask about the company's products and services. By automating routine and common conversations, bots can save time and resources for more complex tasks. Conversations requiring a human being can stay the focus of live agents while bots answer simple requests, such as:

  • Providing company information: Hours of operation, basic instructions for setting up an online account, etc.
  • Offering account information: With input of a password or other proof of identity, a bot could provide account information to the requester.
  • Perform calculations: Some complex tasks in chat are complicated for humans but not machines---performing calculations and posting the information in chat could be a task that's simple for a bot but time-consuming for a human agent.

Working through a hybrid strategy, bots and human agents can work together to offer more relevant and accessible service to customers. Instead of becoming bogged-down with endless requests that are simple and can be handled by a machine, agents are free to let go of simple tasks and have bots complete these conversations.

How Do Messaging Bots Work with Messaging Software, UCaaS, and Call Centers?

Messaging bots can be set up to handle routine conversations and tasks within messaging software and communications platforms. They can also provide assistance within collaborative chat platforms that team members use---for instance, bots can help find files or share information with colleagues.

When a customer first messages a contact center through online chat, a bot can generally handle the first few questions or inquiries the customer makes. A bot might start a conversation---greeting the customer and asking what they need, for instance. From there, depending on how complex the requests are, the bot can continue to communicate. When it becomes complex enough to hand the conversation to an agent, a human being can quickly review what's been covered in conversation and continue the chat with the customer.

This use of bots in messaging allows companies to provide better, more relevant service to customers by enabling the contact center to quickly resolve simple requests and then use human agents' time for more complex questions or have humans close the sale. Bots are becoming better able to recognize requests and handle information as better software is developed, so call centers are finding even more uses for them. Over time, they are improving and beginning to handle more sophisticated conversations and tasks---both with customers and in-house for teams using collaborative chat.

Get Started with Messaging Bots at Your Business

Messaging bots allow companies to use chat to communicate directly with customers and team members without using extensive agent time and resources. Since basic conversations can be handed off to bots without sacrificing service quality, agents are able to focus more of their time on more complex conversations and tasks. Messaging bots can be implemented and put to work quickly, making them an ideal solution for extending the productivity of a contact center team needing to communicate via chat with website visitors and others.

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