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Cloud Call Center vs. On-Premises Call Centers

To survive in this economy, businesses must deliver fast, reliable and efficient service in order to retain existing customers as well as acquire new ones. Customer-centric businesses must put even greater focus on the quality of service delivered through their call centers. Traditionally this has meant providing good training to call center agents, so that they have the skills in place to deliver prompt and courteous service over the phone – but today, deploying the very latest call center technology has become critically important, as it allows organizations to deliver faster, more effective customer service at a lower cost.

For this reason, software-as-a-service or “cloud”-based virtual call center solutions are gaining favor over traditional on-premises or “hardware-based” systems. With a cloud-based call center solution, organizations get immediate and automatic access to the latest and most advanced call center technologies without having to bear the expense, hassle and potential disruptions that come with on-site upgrades. Through the deployment of a cloud-based call center solution, an organization can upgrade its traditional call center to a full-featured, state-of-the-art multi-channel contact center in just a matter of days, as opposed to months, and at much lower up-front cost compared to purchasing or upgrading an on-premises system.

Advantages of Cloud-based versus On-Premises Call Centers

Today’s cloud-based call center solutions hold numerous advantages over on-premises systems:

  • Easy to Deploy – All that is needed are the computers and a high speed Internet connection
  • Reduced Ongoing Costs – Because our call center software is delivered via the Internet, as a managed service, a company doesn’t have to make a huge up-front capital investment in new hardware, network architecture or software licenses – instead it can simply “lease” the call center software on a “pay-as-you-go” basis
  • Call Center Management – The call center software is delivered as a managed service. 8x8 takes on responsibility for application performance, including the maintenance and upgrades of all related hardware and infrastructure, which in turn greatly reduces the strain on the company’s IT department for inbound call centers
  • Scalability – The software is hosted in a data center, where there are ample server resources. You can rapidly scale up your call center operations without having to invest in new hardware or architecture. This is particularly advantageous for companies that experience seasonal business cycles

Call Center Solutions by 8x8

Since it is hosted using a multi-tenant architecture, where customers share server resources, 8x8’s Virtual Contact Center is highly flexible and can be readily customized to meet just about any business need. Thus it is suitable for inbound call centers in a wide range of verticals and industries, such as retail/e-commerce, financial services, insurance, utilities and internal/external help desks. Some of our widely implemented solutions are technical support, help desk, home-based agents, virtual call centers, customer service and more.

Call Center Features

The 8x8 Virtual Contact Center is a cloud-based call center software solution delivering advanced features and capabilities. It’s built on the company’s patent pending Advanced Virtual Tenant Architecture (AVTA), which ensures maximum reliability and 99.99+% uptime. The solution offers a full suite of core call center applications, including ACD, IVR, call monitoring, CTI and out-of-the-box reporting.

Some of the 8x8 Virtual Contact Center features include:

ACD/Skills-based Routing
Get your customers to the right agents, right away

Multi-Channel Call Center
Manage phone, email & chat channels in one application

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
Automate interactions with your clients

CRM Integration and Workforce Optimization
Out-of-the-box integration with leading CRM vendors and workforce management software

Call Recording
Robust call recording and retrieval capabilities

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
Coordinate telephony and data delivery to your agents

These are just few of our features. Find a complete list of our call center features here.

Deploy your Call Center

  • Step 1 – 8x8 quickly provisions a tenant for your inbound call center. Unlike other call center software providers, there are no thin clients or Java-based applications to install.
  • Step 2 – Have your managers attend 8x8’s training program. Through these online sessions, your managers will learn how to upload IVR messages, add new agents, establish queues, define call flows and more.
  • Step 3 – Transition your 800 numbers and your inbound call center agents are ready to receive calls! All they need is a phone, a web browser and a high speed Internet connection.
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