Virtual Meetings via Web for Enhanced Business Collaboration

Face-to-face meetings or conferences play a vital role in any business. It essentially helps in conveying the information to and between the participants. However, conducting a productive meeting in organizations that employ people from different parts of the world is often difficult. There may be a requirement to connect at least one remote participant with others physically present at the same location.

In many cases, there may be a need to conduct a meeting between participants that are all remotely located and work on different time zones. Such scenarios are common for businesses that employ remote teams and have multiple vendors and partners. Connecting all of them together for meetings then becomes hectic.

While telephone conferencing allows multiple participants to connect and speak with each other, there is often a sense of disconnect between the participants. It becomes difficult to identify who’s leading the call, especially when multiple persons are involved in the conference. There is also a long wait time associated with telephone conferencing systems which requires you to wait until all the lines are connected. This, however, can be minimized by employing a calendar/email notification so that all participants can remain available for the scheduled meeting.

Even then, a major problem with this traditional conferencing system is the lack of necessary tools that allow real-time collaboration. Tools that allow participants to view slides, shared applications and other data often function in silo, where a call happens over the phone and everything else on the computer.

Such complexities often cause inefficiencies and miscommunication between participants, eventually leading to ineffective meetings.

How Virtual Meeting via Web Solves the Problem

Virtual Meeting via Web is a relatively new solution that precisely addresses all the challenges associated with traditional conference calls. To be precise, virtual meetings are essentially real-time interactions that take place over the internet by making use of integrated audio, video, instant messaging and document sharing applications. The web-accessible virtual meeting interface allows participants to join meetings from anywhere and on any device. All they need is high-speed internet.

Besides the ability to allow your dispersed teams to connect on a single platform, virtual meetings come with a number of additional features that ensure effective and real-time collaboration. Here are some of them:

Instant screen sharing to allows all the participants to get on the same page

Integrated scheduling with calendars such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Calendar

  • Annotate shared on-screen documents
  • One click switching from a chat session to a conference call
  • HD video and audio calling using VoIP with recording facility
  • Uniform interface across all computing devices
  • Mute or remove specific participants or groups from a meeting
  • Pass desktop sharing controls to other participants
  • Invite new participants in an ongoing meeting
  • Private group conversation with instant messaging during the meeting

What Makes Virtual Meeting Efficient?

Unlike traditional telephone conferencing system, virtual meeting systems are platform independent and are often offered to businesses in the form of SaaS (Software as a Service), where the virtual meeting software is essentially hosted on cloud servers. This does not require installing any application on computers as the software can be directly accessed through a web browser.

This facility makes it ideal for conducting a conference between participants who cannot attend the meeting in person or are remotely located. Remote participants can simply log in to enter the virtual meeting room through their smartphones. Everyone involved in a meeting will have access to tools such as instant messaging, document sharing, screen sharing as well as video sharing, ensuring better collaboration and effective communication between all the participants.

Virtual meeting via web is also a cost-effective way to set up meetings when compared to physical meeting rooms. This is because you need not require expensive conferencing hardware infrastructure and other facility arrangements for participants that you would typically require in a physical conference room. Since everyone is connected through a web connection, the only infrastructure needed is a digital space. With cloud services, the cost of utilizing the software further reduces, as you only need to pay for the technology you require. This is far cheaper than having your own on-premise IT infrastructure.

Modern business demands more robust and flexible systems to connect with distributed teams for an effective meeting or conference sessions. Traditional systems are inefficient in such scenarios, offering limited collaboration between participants involved in a meeting. Virtual meeting via web essentially eliminates the issues pertaining to telephone conference systems and offers a real-time collaboration between participants, irrespective of their location.

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