Irving Materials Selects 8x8 Virtual Office Cloud VoIP Solution for 150+ Locations

Irving Materials, Inc. is the largest privately held construction company in the US. 8x8 provides Virtual Office business VoIP phone services for Irving Materials to more than 150 United States locations.

Irving Materials engages in the production of concrete, aggregates, and related products to the construction and building industries. The company operates over 150 concrete and asphalt paving plants across Indiana and surrounding states as well as 4 regional offices and the corporate headquarters.

Unifying 150 Locations under One Phone System

It was the need to unify all locations under a single phone system that steered Irving Materials Vice President of Information Technology Jerry Howard to 8x8.

The management and expense of maintaining numerous PBX phone systems and services with more than 20 different competitive local exchange carriers had become exorbitant. The more locations we opened up, the more fragmented we became, leading to diminished communication and productivity. With the 8x8 Virtual Office solution, all of our offices will now be connected under a single, cloud-based phone system at a fraction of what we were spending previously.
Jerry HowardVP Information Technology, Irving Materials

Six-Figure Cost Savings

According to Howard, Irving Materials expects to cut its previous telecommunications expense by 60% or more, which will result in six-figure cost savings each year. 8x8’s cloud based solution will also enable Irving to do away with other devices, such as call recording equipment, in addition to on-site PBX hardware.

Innovative Technology Drives Collaboration and Efficiency

“Irving Materials has been innovative in many ways, not just on the IT front,” continued Howard. “We have developed a number of forward-thinking processes that have helped our customers operate more effectively, such as the front discharge mixer that is now a staple of the concrete industry. Using 8x8’s technologies will now help us improve collaboration and efficiency which, in turn, will enable us to continue to provide the industry’s best products and services.”

Turning to the Cloud

“We are pleased that Irving Materials has entrusted its communications needs to 8x8 and that we will be able to deliver such significant cost savings and operational efficiencies,” said Vik Verma. “With traditional brick and mortar businesses like Irving adopting cloud-based solutions, it’s clear that IT professionals in every industry, not just high-tech, are beginning to understand the compelling advantages of cloud-based technologies and are making the right strategic decision to outsource core business functions to trusted providers like 8x8.”

Communications Mobility

With the 8x8 Virtual Office cloud-based solution, businesses can access their core communications services from any location using a PC and web browser or smartphone. In addition to enterprise-class phone service with unlimited calling and a wide array of PBX calling features, 8x8 Virtual Office Pro offers unlimited web conferencing with video, call recording and archiving, chat, Internet fax, presence and voicemail management and a Virtual Office mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

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