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Improve productivity and streamline your sales and support process by integrating 8x8’s communications capabilities into SugarCRM.

The 8x8 integration for SugarCRM enhances the productivity of your team by combining all channels of communications and CRM delivering context at the speed of conversation.


  • Click-to-call: Place a call directly by clicking on the contact on a SugarCRM record, eliminating time spent manually dialing numbers.
  • Instant caller identification: Window pop-up with caller information helps users identify the caller before even taking the call.
  • Integrated search: One tab to search by name, contact number and email id.
  • Auto call logging for easier follow-ups: Call and chat logs are automatically added to the record after every interaction, enabling user to keep track of client interactions.
  • Easy call management: Easy to hold, transfer, merge and record calls.


  • X Series license
  • SugarCRM license

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