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Make 8x8 and Slack where communications and collaboration happen.

Integrating 8x8 with Slack delivers high quality voice within your Slack experience.

With this integration, users can initiate calls and meetings by simply using ‘/ ’ commands.

Use ‘/8x8’ commands to add voice and video conferencing to Slack. “Call” to start a call from Slack

Integrating 8x8 Work into Slack enables users to add slash commands and add actions to messages. Just type /8x8call <phone number> to make a call or /8x8meeting to host a meeting.


  • Make a phone call using the Work integration for Slack. Merely type /8x8call followed by the phone number you want to dial.
  • Host a Virtual Meeting for the Slack Integration – merely type /8x8meeting followed by the phone number of the person you want to invite to a meeting.


  • X Series license
  • Slack license

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Developer: 8x8, Inc.

Location: United States of America

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