NetSuite Integration

8x8 Virtual Office improves user productivity and customer engagement by integrating advanced communications and call logging with NetSuite.

8x8 Virtual Office improves user productivity and customer engagement by integrating advanced communications and call logging with NetSuite.

8x8 Virtual Office integration with NetSuite

Improve user productivity by integrating 8x8 communications and call logging into NetSuite.

Today’s NetSuite users are under pressure to boost productivity and contain costs. But incoming calls arrive without identification, and time is wasted while users search for context in NetSuite. Outbound calling is tedious and distracting compared to the ease of click-to-dial from your browser. Logging call details takes too long, so it’s often overlooked, and important customer contact information is lost.

8x8 Virtual Office for NetSuite solves these challenges by providing the advanced features and call quality you need to enhance user productivity and customer experience. 8x8 Virtual Office for NetSuite launches conveniently from your NetSuite dashboard to help optimize engagement with your customers, partners and vendors.


8x8 Virtual Office for NetSuite advantages

  • Enhanced workflow: Boost productivity with click-to-dial within your NetSuite application. Get instant caller context with inbound caller identification and screen pops. Log notes for your contacts during or after your conversation.
  • Improved user experience: Streamlined interaction expedites workflows to make customer interactions more efficient and effective.
  • Advanced telephony features: Keep your current phone number. Allow one number to ring on multiple devices including the 8x8 mobile app and your desk phone. Take advantage of ring groups, auto attendant and more.
  • Single contact directory: Easily sync your 8x8 Virtual Office and NetSuite contacts to have one directory for searching.
  • Advanced analytics: Improve control with easy-to-use 8x8 analytics. Gain rapid insights into the historical and real-time information associated with all Virtual Office extensions and devices.

NOTE: NetSuite plugin requires users to have active NetSuite and Virtual Office licenses.

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NetSuite Integration with 8x8 Virtual Contact Center

By combining the power of NetSuite and 8x8 Contact Center, organizations can radically improve how they serve their customers.

8x8 and NetSuite have partnered to provide a cloud-based integration that combines the strengths of the two products out of the box. Instead of requiring months of integration services, start serving your customers better in days!


Enhance customer relationships with NetSuite and 8x8

  • Single Sign-on: Make life easier and more efficient for your agents by allowing them to sign on only once and be logged into both solutions. This also saves significant IT costs and support hassles as well.
  • Match customers to the right agent: Use 8x8 Contact Center’s smart routing capabilities to ensure customers get routed to the agent who can best solve their problem.
  • Arm agents with the right information: Pop customer information directly to the agent’s screen based on the caller’s phone number.
  • Better data: Be more informed with consolidated reporting and administrative information.

Fully tested and proven

8x8 Contact Center has passed the rigorous Built for NetSuite approval process, ensuring a secure and reliable integration between the two applications.

Consolidated reporting for insight into the full customer journey

8x8 Contact Center writes key information on each customer interaction into the NetSuite database giving you new insight into the full lifecycle of a ticket including not only just the various support steps, but the different customer interactions along the way.

The 8x8 NetSuite integration gives you unprecedented insight into how you are treating your customers. See how long it took to bring an issue to closure and the steps involved in that process, including how many different times the customer contacted you via a variety of different channels.

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