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CRM systems drive processes that increase productivity for your sales, marketing and support teams. Given the majority of customer interactions happen over the phone, integrating contact center capabilities with your CRM software drives additional efficiencies.

8x8 Contact Center integration for HubSpot adds communications into your HubSpot CRM to give your sales, marketing and support teams that extra edge.


  • Connect with ease: Handle all inbound, outbound, and chat interactions with the 8x8 Contact Center integration for Hubspot
  • Easy call management: Make, take and transfer calls without toggling between the windows.
  • Personalized customer experience: Window pop-ups provide caller details before connecting.
  • Auto logging: Call and chat logs after every interaction are automatically added to the HubSpot record.
  • Integrated search: Search across leads, opportunities, contacts, cases, and organizations


  • X Series X6 or above
  • Hubspot license

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