Phases of Implementation

Requirement & Set Up

Requirement & Setup


Prepare the Network

Network configuration may be necessary to prevent call quality or connectivity issues. Check out these resources:

  1. Configuring Your Network for VoIP Services
  2. Configuration for specific router models
  3. Network diagnostic tool

Login to the Account

To get started with your 8x8 service, login to your Account
Don’t know your login info?

  1. Look for the email titled “You've been given 8x8 Admin Privileges to Configuration Manager” or
  2. Click Forgot Password at the login page to reset or
  3. Reach out to your sales agent

Schedule An Implementation Call

Need additional guidance on setting your 8x8 system? Click the icon in the welcome email to schedule a 30 minutes to 1 hour implementation call with an advisor. Let the sales or implementation teams know to opt out if you are an 8x8 pro and do not need training.

Schedule A Call

Complete Basic Setup Tasks

  1. Go to Virtual Office Configuration Manager
  2. Click Help & Setup. An interactive tutorial will guide you through 4 initial setup. Completing this step is recommended prior to your scheduled implementation appointment.

Configuration & System Setup

The core of the configuration includes getting phone numbers, setting up users with features and phones, defining call handling, setting up professional greetings and voice menus, and activating phone equipment. Visit the 8x8 university to learn more or click the buttons below.

Install Virtual Office Desktop/Mobile apps

Install the Virtual Office Desktop and Mobile apps to stay connected and collaborate anytime and anywhere.

Port Numbers

Are you transferring any existing numbers to 8x8? Check out this article for best practices and common FAQs.

The standard ETA for porting U.S. local numbers is 7-10 business days (49 or less numbers) and 15-21 days (50+ numbers). To avoid porting delays and rejections, accurate information is critical such as:

  1. Main/Billing Telephone Number
  2. Authorized Account Owner First/Last name
  3. Service Address (Local numbers) or Billing Address (Toll Free)
  4. Phone numbers to transfer

Prepare Documents

  1. Most recent phone bill (within 30 days)
  2. Request a Customer Service Record from current provider
  3. PIN (if porting mobile number)

Submit Port Requests

  1. Before submitting a port request, ensure calls are routed correctly.
  2. Check out user guides on transferring numbers to 8x8.
  3. Transferring a large set of numbers? The required information and step-by-step process can be found, here.


Are you satisfied with how incoming calls are routed? Place a test call to ensure call flow is working as designed. Are your numbers ported (transferred)?

Test Call Routing

  1. Is your main number routing correctly per the setup?
  2. If using an Auto Attendant, is the greeting playing properly and are all key options routing to their destinations?
  3. Is the "Number of seconds the system should wait before taking next action" working as set up?
  4. If using a Ring group, is the ring pattern working correctly? Is it ringing the correct users in the ring group? Etc.

Confirm Setup

  1. Have you activated your phones?
  2. Have you recorded your voicemail greetings?
  3. Have you setup an Auto Attendant greeting (if using)?
  4. Have you setup the Ring Group voicemail?
  5. How do I access my voicemail?
    1. User voicemail
    2. Ring Group voicemail
    3. Call Queue voicemail

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