3 Reasons for Call Centers to Move to Cloud CRM Software

Moving over to cloud CRM software just makes good business sense, for many reasons, a few of which include:

  • Significantly reduced cost
  • Superior customer experience
  • Empowering staff with the tools they need
  • Automatic updates
  • Calls can be taken from agents based anywhere in the world
  • Allowing for innovation
  • Improved security

This is also what EasyRoommate and Vivastreet found when switching over to cloud CRM software. Cloud solutions allow them to have a workforce that is situated remotely around the world in all time zones so that they can take calls at any hour.

They’ve used cloud CRM software to create intelligent reports that help them better know and be better prepared to give their customers what they need operationally, and to market to them more effectively. Does your cloud CRM software do all that?

Here are important things to know when you're considering cloud CRM software and how to use it for your business.

What is Cloud CRM Software?

Cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software acts as a central repository in the cloud for all customer data such as contact details, correspondence, history and so on to make team collaboration easier. There are different types of CRM software, and when it's cloud software, it simply means that it's accessible via the internet, from anywhere in the world, and changes made are reflected in real time.

What is Call Center Cloud CRM Software?

Call center cloud software holds all the information necessary for agents to be able to provide an enhanced and positive service experience:

  • Agents are able to create, manage and escalate tickets easily and efficiently
  • Agents can access history so that customers don't need to repeat information
  • Agents are able to instantly view and update necessary information, causing less frustration to customers
  • Call center cloud CRM software offers intelligent reporting for better insights

Benefits of Cloud CRM Software for Call Centers

Here are four of the most powerful reasons call centers should be using cloud-based CRM and call center software:

1: Availability in disasters

Disaster recovery is often neglected by small- to medium-sized businesses, and if disaster should strike, it can devastate a business that is not using cloud software. 

Think fire. Or flooding. These disasters can cause tremendous disruptions. If you’re not cloud-based, you’re asking for trouble when catastrophes occur. 

That's because service continuity with an on-premise call center solution depends on a physical location with office-bound hardware. In this case, disaster programs call for maintaining a duplicate on-premise system for backups, but the cost of purchasing and maintaining the system is significant. By moving over to Cloud CRM software, your workforce could be back up and running within minutes because all information would be available should a disaster impact your original equipment. By moving over to Cloud CRM software, your workforce could be back up and running within minutes because all information would be available should a disaster impact your original equipment.

2: Save costs

You need to pay an upfront cost for CRM software if you install it on premise.

Then there are investments in hardware and regular maintenance of the infrastructure.

Alternatively, cloud CRM software only requires a device from which to access the internet, and a strong internet connection. 

Everything resides in the cloud, and you use your regular internet browser to access the solution. Upgrades are automatic and no one needs to be trained for them, so there are no additional IT costs.

3: Agents can be located anywhere

Many companies hire freelancers or home-based agents to save costs and resources.

Did you know that home-based agents can use cloud CRM solutions to offer the same level of service compared to an in-house call center? All information, tools and applications are at their fingertips to efficiently help customers with their queries or to make outbound calls.

Use the advanced monitoring and reporting features to keep track of agent performance in real-time and deliver high-class customer experience. Supervisors can also record calls for analysis and improvement.

Make the Switch

If you still rely on on-the-premise call center solutions, the time has come to transform the next-generation cloud CRM software for increased call center productivity, efficiency, cost savings and superior customer experience.

It comes at a fraction of the cost compared to on-premise systems and includes everything to serve your customer with the least amount of frustration for both them and your agents.

The tools your team is given to handle customer interactions directly affect your overall relationship with clients, and this, of course, impacts your company’s bottom line.

Your cloud provider and available features set directly affects your relationships with your clients, which directly affect your business' bottom line. Choose a superior cloud system and ensure that this effect is for the better. Fill out our online form today or call us at 1-866-879-8647 to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 Product Specialist.

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