NetSuite Social Media Integration: How to Leverage the Power of NetSuite Technology

NetSuite provides a variety of flexible features and functionality to help many companies plan and manage different functions of their enterprise in the cloud. As more advanced applications continue to be introduced into the market and extend business process improvement, businesses using NetSuite may begin to examine whether it’s possible to integrate NetSuite with other applications. Similarly, to leverage the power of NetSuite integration, you need to include and share detailed information from other sources, such as Capital Resource Management systems, Human Resource systems, or privately owned applications.

In this article, we will look at the general details needed for effective NetSuite social media integration. It will also look at the key things you need to consider to ensure the integration is successful.

Things to Consider During NetSuite Integration

Integrations of third-party applications, with the help of NetSuite, can be done by clients or development partners using standards-based tools. However, this doesn’t mean that the integration will be trouble free. To ensure NetSuite integration does solve a lot of problems, here are key things to consider.

  • Although NetSuite offers the necessary tools for the integration process, mistakes can be expensive especially when changes made affect vital customer or financial info.
  • Integration with Software as a service (SaaS) applications should consider the evolution of different platforms, including factors such as changes in APIs which may break your NetSuite integration.
  • It is important to check the applications you plan to integrate with. For social media network and mobile application integration, you will possibly need a service that can help you convert NetSuite into a more web-friendly interface.

The danger is that if you have no idea of what your organization is trying to achieve including the do’s and don’ts of apps integration, as well as enough experience in business growth and improvement, you could be in great problems. To prevent from further damage, business with little or no noteworthy experience in these fields should look for an API platform to guide them through the process.

NetSuite Integration with Call Center Software

Call center software improves customer experience and productivity by integrating call logging and advanced interaction with NetSuite -one of the leading cloud-based integration software.

NetSuite is the ideal solution that delivers intelligent, integrated, and user-friendly applications for growing most businesses. For social media platforms, all the call data can be held in a single database which will provide access for the important performance metrics on the real-time dashboard. This helps in the quick decision-making process. Since it’s a powerful application with a combination of the CRM and E-commerce capability, it’s easier for companies to merge the fragmented data and automate the essential end-to-end processes.

Advantages of NetSuite Integration

NetSuite solution provides service-based companies with flexibility and agility to drive business productivity using cloud computing. The key benefits of NetSuite integration include:

Increased growth

With the help of integrated software, it’s possible to expand to different locations thus adding more sales channels. This can be done faster using the data and accounting management processes incorporated in the software. The company can also be able to upsell and cross-sell to improve visibility and efficiency.

Efficiency in management processes

There are various processes that take place in an organization including management, invoicing, fulfillment, cash collection, financial consolidations, expense approvals, and more. Automating most of these processes will help reduce the time and effort involved in hiring thus making the processes efficient.

Extended benefits to customers, suppliers, and partners

Currently, every business wants to work together with an extended enterprise. Integration with an advanced software provides self-service portals to facilitate the collaboration of B2B and B2C businesses. Involvement of partners will accelerate the processes as well as improve the awareness to customers and suppliers.

Improved visibility

Making informed decisions requires real-time visibility. With the help of reliable software, important information can be accessed using any devices from anywhere at any time without the need for data extraction. As a result, management processes are accurate and faster.


By ensuring your enterprise is integrated with an effective business application every person on your team will learn the necessary skills to make data-driven decisions that will help grow your business. This can be done with NetSuite to ensure there is maximum customer interaction and even understand how you treat your customers. It’s also a perfect strategy to see the duration it took to solve a problem and the steps involved in reaching a decision for that process.

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