How Call Centers Work With The Netsuite API

Before jumping into what Netsuite API is, let's look at a quick overview of what Netsuite is. Netsuite was bought by Oracle in 2016 and is considered the first cloud company. Since 1998, they've been delivering business services over the Internet.

Netsuite provides cloud-based business software:

  • Enterprise Resource Management (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Human Capital Management (SuitePeople)
  • Omnichannel Commerce (SuiteCommerce)
  • Business Intelligence

And lots more. Clearly, they are a powerhouse in the business software services category. Companies that have created their own software solution or use another company may want to integrate with some of Netsuite's software components. This allows them to maintain the functionality and look of their software while extending it on the backend with Netsuite functionality. This type of integration is done through an API.

Netsuite API is a set of web services that 3rd party software communicates with to enhance functionality. These web services are called SuiteTalk. For the technically inclined, the Netsuite API uses SOAP and RESTful web calls, which are common throughout the software industry. By using Netsuite's API, companies can integrate with Netsuite's ERP, CRM and ecommerce solutions.

Key features of Netsuite's API include:

  • Standards-Based Integration
  • Comprehensive Error Handling
  • Robust Security Model

In order to integrate Netsuite's API, companies will need a dedicated software team familiar with Netsuite. This might be an in-house team or one the company has outsourced. Netsuite offers certification programs for developers. Developers who have passed the certification exam are called SuiteCloud Certified Developers. There are two levels to the exam - I and II with II being the most comprehensive. If you are going to integrate Netsuite with your existing software, using SuiteCloud Certified Developers is the best option.

Does Netsuite API Integrate With Call Center Software?

One of the benefits of the Netsuite API is that Netsuite has made it easy for other companies to integrate with them. This means there are lots of apps available that can easily integrate with the Netsuite API. This includes call center software.

Because of how the Netsuite API works, if the call center software is able to call the API and process its requests, it can make use of Netsuite's power. Netsuite has created a designation for those companies who have passed a rigorous approval process for API integration. It's called "Built For Netsuite." Companies displaying this badge have the highest standard of integration with the Netsuite API.

Let's look at a few of the benefits that Netsuite offers to call center software through API integration. Cloud-based services such as CCaaS (Call Center as a Service) and UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) can all benefit from Netsuite integrations. Here's how some of them are already doing this:

  • Call center software can write customer data back to Netsuite. This allows the call center to take advantage of Netsuite's powerful reporting tools.
  • Single Sign-On. Applications that don't play together nicely often require reps to sign in multiple times and even with different logins. If a rep is using five applications on their desktop and they don't communicate with each other, this means signing in five times. Netsuite eliminates these issues with a single sign-on solution.
  • Call center software will continue to handle all call routing. Netsuite integration won't get in the way of critical functionality. But once a call comes in, customer information will pop up on the agent's screen through integration with Netsuite CRM. Depending on how extensive integrations are with customer data, rep's will have everything they need to provide customer solutions.

To summarize the main points mentioned:

  • Oracle Netsuite is a cloud-based software services solution for businesses.
  • Netsuite API is a web service that allows companies to extend Netsuite functionality.
  • Netsuite can integrate with call center software through the Netsuite API. 

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