An Introduction To Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software

Running a business can be complex, especially when multiple systems are involved. Microsoft CRM software unifies business processes in one application. From supply chains to team collaboration, Microsoft Dynamics is a powerful package. Businesses can go even further with Microsoft Dynamics 365, which allows the use of all applications under the Dynamics brand. 

CRM stands for customer relationship management. Think of a CRM as a powerful database for all of your customers. Microsoft CRM software allows businesses to see the last interaction with a customer, segment customers by product purchases, send marketing emails to certain customers and view revenue by customer. 

CRMs are used by customer support to log and track issues experienced by customers. They are used by the sales department to track where a customer or potential customer is in the sales cycle. Have they been contacted? Have they been contacted and not responded? Is the customer ready to make a purchase? All of this information is tracked in the CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics includes CRM software as well. The CRM software is made of five applications:

These applications don't need to be purchased as separate products. Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes the CRM software. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite allows you to integrate other business processes under one application suite. For example, the CRM houses customer information and these customers purchase products from you. Dynamics 365 also has a finance component that allows you to invoice customers and receive payments for those invoices. Sales and customer service components are also available within the suite. Additionally, Dynamics 365 provides a great looking interface that makes it easy to understand your data.

Do UCaaS, CCaaS, VoIP Providers Need Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software?

For any UCaaS, CCaaS or VoIP providers, consider how many systems must work together for everything to perform without issues. A unified suite of cloud communication tools is no small feat to pull off successfully. Especially when it comes to UCaaS providers, all of the following need to work in harmony:

  • VoIP
  • Collaboration tools
  • Video conferencing
  • File sharing services
  • Instant messaging

If the above features are add-ons and produce their own revenue, management of them can become complex. Microsoft Dynamics can certainly help with the management of these services and provide additional insights into their operations. For example, a provider can easily see how often clients request video conferencing and how much recurring revenue that service generates compared to other services.

If you provide hardware such as adapters and headsets, tracking the purchase life cycle of these items through Microsoft Dynamics will allow you to understand the sales efficiency of each product. The supply chain for these hardware items can also be tracked through Dynamics. By logging into a client access point through Microsoft Dynamics, suppliers can see their products flow through the supply chain. With this increased visibility, problems can be solved more quickly at any point in the supply chain.

Microsoft CRM software will integrate the voice and messaging components of a unified cloud communication system. This type of integration allows clients to record voice calls, audit them, easily share voice messages, and control access. In other words, a lot of collaboration and security can take place within Dynamics.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software Simplifies Complex Businesses

Integrating and keeping multiple systems running within the same business and then deploying those systems to customers is a very complex task. Tracking everything and making sure nothing slips through the cracks requires attention to detail and the ability to track processes over multiple systems. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a multi-application service that can handle this type of work.

All Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications include the following:

  • Data security
  • 99.9 percent uptime service level agreement
  • Office 365 and LinkedIn integration
  • Intelligent technologies
  • Phone and web support

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, customers can integrate their voice systems with a CRM application, allowing them to record and audit calls.

Your cloud provider and available features set directly affects your relationships with your clients, which directly affect your business' bottom line. Choose a superior cloud system and ensure that this effect is for the better. Fill out our online form today or call us at 1-866-879-8647 to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 Product Specialist.

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