Integrating Your Email Marketing and CRM

Email marketing on its own is a powerful tool. Although social media is leading the space, email is still driving better engagement and sales with $38 revenue per $1 spent on email marketing according to Direct Marketing Association. Combining your customer relationship management (CRM) system with your email marketing is a game changer. Doing so not only improves conversion rates and sales, but it also gives you insights into your customers.

Find out how email marketing CRM integration can help your business generate and nurture leads, increase sales, and engage clients on your sales funnel:

The Customer Case Study

Before Zumeis utilized email marketing CRM integration with 8x8, one customer care manager said, “There was no accountability with a shared email account." He added, “I couldn’t see who has answered a customer’s email or whether they had followed up and closed the issue. Customers would call in to complain about lack of response or misinformation they received, and I couldn’t tell which agent had dropped the ball. It was impossible to service customers properly, and it was impossible to identify which agent needed additional training.” 

This manager and his team approached 8x8 about processing customer emails through the Virtual Contact Center. Once the email integration was complete, they saw a massive improvement in service levels. The manager noted, “With 8x8, I can see the customer’s whole email account history, including which agent opened and closed the issue. That lets me hold individual agents accountable, so we can address service gaps and maintain consistently high service levels across the contact center.”

Email Marketing CRM Integration Solves Miscommunication Issues

When you start your sales campaign by sending a newsletter or a special sales pitch, your contact center team aims to fulfill the promises of that campaign.

Sometimes, the contact center team works almost in isolation from the email campaign delivered to the clients. This team will start to make or receive phone calls and convert prospective leads, but calls fall through the cracks because the contact center team can't fulfill the promises of the email marketing campaign.

Say your email to the customer contains a lot of data and the content links to your website to provide more information, but your contact center team doesn't know what data the customer has received. This means your contact center team can't properly answer questions, leading to frustrated customers and, ultimately, missed conversions to sales all because your call center software is not integrated with your CRM and email marketing system.

Nurturing Leads and Closing Sales

If your sales team starts making follow-up calls without an integrated system, they can't take advantage of email tracking tools. With email marketing CRM integration, your team can see which customer opened the email, what links they clicked, and what information they received.

If a call center agent assumes the customer doesn't have basic education about your product or service, it can lead to more time spent on the phone, which means lost revenue for your business. With email marketing CRM integration, your sales team can focus less on marketing and more on generating new leads and nurturing existing ones.

A Consolidated System

When your call center agents can track customer data, they can leverage that information and close a sale much faster. Integrating your email marketing with CRM gives you a single-view system so your teams and clients can see everything in one place.

Using a marketing tool integrated with your call center and CRM consolidates all your communication means into a single view that can affect your business bottom line profits directly. Your contact center and sales teams who respond to emails and make phone calls will generate better results and close more sales. The consolidation of all your communication into a single view with emails, voice messages, customer interactions, phone calls, and agent responses will provide you with a single sale lead history in one place.

Easily Handle Client Complaints

If you receive a complaint from a client about a lack of response from your call center agents, you will be able to get a quick grasp of which agent responded to the phone call, what actions they made to the client-case in relation to the email, what the agent responses were, and more. You'll be able to see the entire history of actions so you can better understand and solve for problems.

And if an agent needs support from other teams, it's easier to transition between the marketing, sales, and customer service teams with an integrated system that allows for everyone to see what has already transpired with a client or customer issue.

Your cloud provider and available features set directly affects your relationships with your clients, which directly affect your business' bottom line. Choose a superior cloud system and ensure that this effect is for the better. Fill out our online form today or call us at 1-866-879-8647 to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 Product Specialist.

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