Agile CRM Integration with Call Center Software

Customers in 2019 are more liberated than ever before, all thanks to the fierce competition that is present between businesses to deliver the most quality service to their customers. It is a fact that if companies do not lend their ears to customers, it will result in the customers choosing another brand. So customer care is undoubtedly the primary focus of today’s businesses.

However, as a business develops, it becomes hard to keep track of customer queries due to the sheer volume of inbound and outbound calls. Therefore, companies turn to software to make customer management easy. Known as CRM or Customer Relationship Management, the software basically monitors and automates certain key aspects of a business like marketing, sales, and customer support.

There are many CRM tools available in the market, however, Agile CRM shines consistently as the best one to choose year after year. To elaborate, Agile CRM is customer relationship management software aimed at the whole spectrum of a business. Be it small businesses or enterprises, Agile CRM delivers in every regard.

The reason why Agile CRM is so versatile is that it is a combination of three distinct types of CRM tools aimed at three different use cases.

Operational CRM: This is a type of CRM that is aimed at handling and streamlining different operations in a company like marketing automation, sales automation, and customer service. With an intuitive operational CRM, you can keep track of various processes that happen within a company in real time.

 Analytical CRM: Analytical CRM is used to study and track data sets with the goal of influencing more customers to the business. The analytical CRM uses data retrieved from sales, marketing, and customer care portals to better understand the trends and how well the company is doing in terms of sales.

Collaborative CRM: The third type of CRM software, Collaborative CRM, is all about working in teams. With collaborative CRM, data can be sent between different teams in an organization using the CRM software. With such a system, the data flow is not just between the teams and their managers, but also across different teams. This flow of data between teams can also be restricted by setting up roles with different permissions.

By combining these three packages into one, Agile CRM doesn’t skimp on features. The major advantage of such a system is that users can have access to a multitude of information about the business through a single, easy to understand dashboard. This methodology is vastly superior to having multiple windows open in a computer for tracking multiple metrics.

CRM and Customer Care: How Call Center Software Comes in Between?

Another feature that businesses want from their CRM software is cross compatibility. What it essentially means is that the ability of the CRM to integrate other pieces of key business productivity tools to it, so that the customer data can easily flow between them.

The primary example is the integration of call center software with the CRM software. This integration is so important because most often, companies will have a call center in place to take care of customer communications. Having a compatible CRM that integrates well with the call center software allows customer care representatives to make and receive calls without ever leaving the CRM dashboard.

Choosing the right call center software that provides CRM integration capabilities is crucial, as it essentially helps in increasing efficiency and maximizing the effectiveness of inbound and outbound calls. The wealth of customer data available within the CRM database becomes extremely useful to understand customer pain points and improves the first call response rates to a great extent.

Contact center solutions from 8x8 offer a seamless integration with Agile CRM and other leading on-demand CRM services such as, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zendesk. With the CRM integration capability, businesses can benefit in the following ways:

  • Improved operational efficiency with intelligent data routing based on CRM data
  • Better agent productivity with integrated one-click dialing directly through the CRM interface
  • Better customer service from agents as they will have access to caller’s account information as soon as the call comes in

Agile CRM is one of the leading and most affordable Customer Relationship Management software that can help businesses to efficiently manage customer data, track sales and automate marketing. This powerful CRM system when integrated with call center software can bring in more productivity and profitability for businesses through effective customer communications. 

To ensure that the integration of both these systems helps in achieving your business goals, it is important to check the compatibility of contact center software with the CRM of your choice. A poor choice of call center software can turn your idea of integration into the greatest mistake.

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