8x8 Flex Hardware Rental Program

Premium business phone rentals that fit your needs

Flexible month-to-month phone leasing for your business

Your business needs a professional phone system, one that helps you engage with customers, partners and coworkers more effectively and efficiently.

But buying phones isn’t always feasible for small businesses because it often requires significant capital expenditure.

Now, there’s a flexible way to get premium business phones without paying a hefty upfront price and without a long-term contract.

Meet the 8x8 Flex Hardware Rental Program

The 8x8 Flex Hardware Rental Program is a month-to-month phone rental option that gives you access to premium phones in a way that makes sense for your business and for your budget.

Here’s how it works: Pick from a robust lineup of feature-rich business phones, each one optimized to work with powerful 8x8 cloud communications solutions.

For no money down, you can lease as many or as few phones as you need. Flexible pricing means upgrading, changing and canceling your order is easy.

Monthly rentals start below $5

Many of the most popular Polycom phones are included in the 8x8 Flex Hardware Rental Program, with more models continually being added.

Just some of the fantastic phones you can lease include:

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The 8x8 Flex Rental Program allows you to rent some of the most popular and latest Internet Protocol phones, which are protected by an industry-leading, seven-year warranty.

Connected to the 8x8 cloud

Designed for businesses with 1-250 employees, the 8x8 Flex Hardware Rental Program must include 8x8 Virtual Office Editions.

Together, the 8x8 Flex Hardware Rental Program and 8x8 Virtual Office deliver a complete phone system for small businesses.

Learn how the 8x8 Flex Hardware Rental Program can help your small business.

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