Choose from high-quality headsets for use with your 8x8 IP Phones, crystal-clear headsets for use with your PC, or headsets that bridge both worlds. We also have speakerphones available.

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QoS Routers and WiFi Adapters

Ensure that your network can provide you with best quality voice and data. We offer routers and WiFi adapters to provide security and Quality of Service to guarantee you get the most out of your 8x8 business phone service.

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For Polycom VVX 500 or VVX 600 Phones, the VVX Webcam is an Optional HD Webcam. Adding the optional webcam will enable making instant person to person Video Calls, and joining video conferences with other 8x8 managed video endpoints when using 8x8 Virtual Room for multi-party video calls.

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The Polycom VVX Sidecars provide advanced call handling capabilities that simplify monitoring of large number of contacts and/or management of a high volume of concurrent calls.

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