At 8x8 we understand the value of collecting and, more importantly, acting on customer feedback. Each year we produce a survey that helps us understand what we’re doing well and where we need to improve. We launched this year’s survey in March and received an incredible amount of valuable feedback. We read every single response and put a dedicated task force to work on making changes to our service and products.

Here is an update on what we heard and what we are doing about it.

Customer Service

  • Time to Respond: We have now doubled our coverage to provide initial responses faster than ever before. Our goal is that we have zero wait time for 90% of the calls we receive and we are well positioned to achieve that target effective this year. 
  • Time to Resolve: 100% of our new employees have now completed the higher skills training to ensure they are uniquely focused on helping you get to answers quickly. We have not set up an internal Resolution time target. We measure and incentivize our employees based on the results. 
  • Call quality and ease of use: We have initiated focused programs on improving the end-to-end user experience, including both call quality and ease-of-use. 
    • Call quality is an on-going effort that is impacted by both the 8x8 service and network conditions. 8x8 call quality has been consistently superior over varying network conditions. Our attention is now shifting to improving network conditions to improve call quality, as well as instrumenting calls and implementing network monitoring to more quickly determine and help resolve call quality issues.
    • Ease of use studies has begun with the intention to deliver UX improvements including things like customized interfaces based on user type. 
  • Product Availability: You may not have noticed because it is has been done behind-the-scenes, but we’ve built a resilient, geographically distributed, state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure. We’ll put our new infrastructure uptime against anyone in the industry!

We will continue looking for new, innovative ways to make your experience as our customer even better, with the goal of helping your business to grow in the same way as you have helped ours.