Security challenges typically follow anytime a new technology or phenomenon rockets into popular culture. This is happening right now with video conferencing services. Health care providers, lawyers, accountants and others in professional services are determined to find ways to keep their businesses going by transitioning to remote consultations.

Every Child Pediatrics, a nonprofit health care provider that serves 24,000 children in Colorado in the United States, is one organization that’s already made the switch.

“The current public health crisis is challenging us to think differently about how we can most effectively deliver medical and behavioral health care and counseling to as many children as possible during this difficult time,” said Jessica Dunbar, Executive Director at Every Child Pediatrics.

People are looking for ways to make their video meetings more secure. 8x8 Video Meetings has security features on the back end like encryption but also allows users to randomize meeting names and add passcodes for advanced protection.

X Series is 8x8’s all-in-one cloud collaboration and communications platform. If you have X Series (X2 and higher), you can easily use it to set up a secure one-on-one remote consultation with your clients. All they need to connect is a mobile device or Web browser. We have created a step-by-step guide.

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Video-based consultations are here to stay. Make sure you keep them as secure as possible. Let us know if you have any questions or security tips you would like to share.