To begin with, one has to understand that the name of your meeting is sensitive and needs to be protected. You shouldn’t send it to anyone you do not want in your meeting. Advertising this name publicly, for example on social media, is something you should only ever do if you truly are comfortable with maximum exposure and the possibility of unwelcome visitors.

8x8 Video Meetings is built on top of the open-source technology. Its foundation is a codebase that’s been hardened by millions of downloads, implemented into banking, education and home security applications and is continuously improved by a worldwide community of developers. Simply put, it was designed with security and privacy in mind.

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When the name is generated, the virtual meeting space is created, and when the meeting is done and the last person leaves, the virtual meeting space is destroyed. It’s known as an ephemeral room, and is our first line of defense, protecting a user’s privacy and protecting their meetings from uninvited guests. What’s more, it’s 100% Free and does not even require registration.

How do I get additional security features for free?

By simply creating a Free 8x8 Video Meetings account at (click signup), you can take advantage of additional easy to use security features to protect the privacy and integrity of your video meetings.

Participant Passcodes

When a user is organizing a meeting, they can add additional security by implementing a Participant Passcode. This requires that each invited guest have both the meeting name and the 6-8 digit passcode the organizer provided (automatically) as part of the invite.

Setting up a Participant Passcode is very simple, but to do so the organizer must have a registered account. You can see how it works here.

8x8 Video Meetings Profile Settings

You can also set up a passcode from within an active meeting. 

8x8 Video Meetings Password

Randomized URL

Another security measure you can take advantage of for free is the ability to automatically add a random 3-character code to the end of your video meeting name. This is especially useful when an organizer schedules multiple meetings with different attendees - each requiring their own room. Now 3 characters may sound small, but keep in mind that since rooms only exist while in use, an attacker would have to guess these digits at the same time as the meeting is actually going on. This is an effective way to automatically secure meeting integrity.

This is a security feature that one can leave on by default, which automatically generates a security code every time a user schedules a meeting.

Follow the step-by-step instructions on how to use the Randomized URL.

8x8 Video Meetings Admin Settings

Always Improving

At 8x8, security and privacy are incredibly important to us. It’s built into the foundation of our video meetings solutions and for us a great source of pride. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing some additional features to increase the integrity of your data as well as produce more how-to guides to understanding the nuances of security and privacy and how 8x8 is making sure you’re protected. Stay tuned.