Seemingly overnight, the business world went from nine-to-five convention to a whole new virtual landscape. For many companies, this meant scrambling to find tools for remote teams to meet a new and challenging set of requirements and keep employees connected.

In the new state of "business as usual," companies are forced to get creative in implementing resources that best meet employee needs. However, some services are more important than others. The right tools can encourage engagement, productivity, and organization, guaranteeing that your team can do it all—even from home.

The Best Tools for Remote Teams

When you want your business to excel, you want the best possible collaboration tools for remote teams. These opportunities are essential in structuring an effective virtual workplace.

Communication Tools

When face-to-face communication is no longer possible, the right communication tools need to serve as the next best thing. This means access to phone calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, and presentation and screen sharing resources that can best mimic the ways in which normal office communication works. These tools need to be easily accessible and highly flexible, guaranteeing that everyone is available at the click of a button in a way that works best at any given moment.

Collaboration Tools

Most business environments rely on significant collaboration, from file sharing to project management. Virtual workspace tools need to facilitate the same level of collaboration as what's available when working in person. This ensures that workers can meet deadlines and stay on top of the changing state of business without missing memos, feeling isolated or left out, or failing to meet deadlines. Collaboration can include shared workspaces and files, ongoing chats, and team-oriented resources that guarantee everyone is kept in the loop.

Scheduling Tools

Scheduling effectively is a big part of working in a remote environment. When there's no way to swing by a coworker's desk to make sure they're coming to a meeting or chat about changing deadlines, access to scheduling is imperative. Virtual tools that integrate scheduling with meetings can be key. With these sorts of solutions, video conference meetings are accessible from the scheduling tool, making it easy to connect in a way that maximizes time management.

Software Access Tools

The cloud has revolutionized the ways in which employees can access software. However, not all software products are cloud-based, and not all companies have fully shifted from traditional computing to the cloud. Tools that allow for remote access to software can be an essential part of ensuring all business needs are met. This can range from VPN access to virtual desktops, but the bottom line remains: Software needs to be accessible to everyone, no matter their physical location.

When your team goes virtual, you need to be ready to implement effective solutions that can best substitute the benefits of a physical office. Remote access software for businesses is at the crux of this, ensuring employees have everything they need to stay productive at home. From chat software to tools for widespread software access, the right digital workspace can create the seamless experience your employees crave—no matter what that means for your business.

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