Sometimes you don't know an employee is struggling until it's too late. Accounts get canceled or placed on hold, customers leave angry online reviews, or frustrated workers quit. It's difficult to do damage control at this point, so many businesses must completely revamp their practices. Call center real-time reporting helps reduce these issues by highlighting potential problems before they escalate.

What Is Call Center Real-Time Reporting?

Businesses often monitor random calls or perform unexpected audits, but that isn't always enough. If you value customer satisfaction, consider monitoring employees 24/7 via call center real-time reporting. Real-time monitoring in call center environments helps supervisors identify issues as they arise rather than learning about them days—or even weeks—later. This provides an opportunity for improved customer satisfaction, and it also helps employees feel more confident.

Contact center quality monitoring benefits struggling employees as well as their coworkers and supervisors. When an employee needs help, other workers may put their own tasks on hold and offer assistance. This demonstrates solid teamwork, but unfortunately, it can jeopardize customer satisfaction. Real-time call monitoring promotes a train-as-you-go mindset, so designated employees can assist those in need.

Imagine hearing an angry customer yell at an employee who can't navigate company software very well, then jumping in right away to diffuse the situation. This eases your employee's anxiety, and it also shows the customer you value their needs. You can close the deal, address the issue, or handle whatever else the customer needs rather than having them hang up in frustration.

What Happens When You Don't Have Call Center Monitoring?

Customers don't always alert businesses when something goes wrong, but they don't hesitate to tell friends and family members about issues. Information spreads quickly in today's digital era via online reviews and comments, so you may lose hundreds of potential customers over one bad call. Real-time call center monitoring helps you attract and retain customers by ensuring employees deliver top-notch service every time.

Consider call center real-time reporting if you have dedicated employees who are eager to learn the ropes but need some extra assistance. Sure, you could always fire these employees and hire new workers, but it's generally more cost-effective to train the workers you already have. Working closely with employees also establishes a rapport and makes workers more productive.

Employees perform best when they feel valued and supported. Instead of letting new employees get attacked by angry callers, work with them to address immediate issues. This shows you protect and believe in your employees, which may help reduce company turnover.

Real-Time Call Monitoring for Your Business

What happens behind the scenes at your business? Are employees struggling? Are your customers happy? If you aren't sure, then you should consider utilizing call center real-time reporting tools.

At 8x8, we understand that solving problems right away promotes customer satisfaction and also boosts employee morale. Connect with us today so you can explore our innovative call center solutions, from omnichannel routing and screen recordings, to customer experience analytics and payment processing tools. We have everything you need to build your business and foster a positive, productive work environment.