As a modern business, consistency and network protection are crucial components of a successful communication ecosystem. As the world's rapid digitization continues, 8x8 customer service is focused on helping our clients work faster and smarter.

Our ethos at 8x8 is ready, responsive, and resilient. We practice this philosophy in every way, from our customer service experts who are available by phone each day to our 24/7 online support resources. 8x8 phones and conferencing solutions are built to be reliable, and we have precautions in place to keep our networks running anytime and anywhere.

We pride ourselves on a state-of-the-art data center that is highly secure and delivers the most reliable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services in the industry.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol systems replace traditional phone systems and networks, offering telecommunication solutions that fit today's technology-driven world. By enabling users to make and record phone calls with an internet connection quickly, VoIP enables companies and employees to streamline their telecommunications.

VoIP instantly reduces the number of employee phones that are needed, while also allowing single devices to have multiple VoIP connections activated. VoIP phone systems create more efficient conferencing. Issues, such as choppy signals and dropped phone calls, disappear with innovative technology that's made to empower and strengthen your workforce.

One of the benefits of using a VoIP system is that it can be accessed from anywhere, creating a better communication architecture for your international offices. VoIP provides a simple way to link global teams and includes advanced features, such as call routing and caller id.

Additional features available in our 8x8 suite include:

  • Auto Attendant: Your new virtual receptionist—customers can direct calls automatically using our user-friendly dashboard
  • Ring Groups: Effortlessly separate calls into the appropriate groups and direct them to your telecommunication network's phones

8x8 Customer Service Is the Gold Standard

8x8 provides its customers with additional services designed to enhance productivity and encourage ease of use. We also have troubleshooting measures in place to be able to act quickly when an issue does occur. Your customers depend on you, and you depend on 8x8. That's why we're prepared to handle all of your cloud computing reliability concerns.

Communication service disruption is not an option. 8x8 ensures that all of our services are fully redundant, and rerouting options are also built-in to all our products.

We have worked to develop a platform that creates a consistent and pleasant user experience, and the 8x8 systems are designed so there's no single point of failure. Even in power or internet outages, our 8x8 systems prevent complete network failure, which allows your employees to continue working and your business to stay open. 8x8 also has eight offices worldwide to make sure you have support when you need it most.

Our customer service solutions include:

  • Phone assistance Mon-Sat (6 a.m.-6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time)
  • Virtual chat
  • Email submission form
  • 24/7 online support resources

Experience firsthand how 8x8 is redefining customer service by setting up a meeting with one of our expert team members to discuss your needs. From helping you find the right communication ecosystem for your business to providing everyday troubleshooting and logistic support, 8x8 customer service is focused on solutions that help you focus on your clients.